General — 27 July 2016 — by Bilal Morris
He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother!

It has been one of the most troubling times for me as a Belizean in the diaspora to have been observing the touching moments of suffering among the Belizean people at home as black-on-black crime rocks the Belizean nation, and heinous crimes of brutality are being inflicted upon its citizens by forces almost strange and bizarre to the Belizean way of life.

Belizeans were once, but still are a very peaceful and kind race of humanity that people all over the world continue to talk about in a positive light despite these horrors, trials, and tribulations that we as a people continue to face. We have to win this fight to secure our humanity that God Most High has blessed us with as a humble and kind people to the world.

The end of the life of a beloved soul known to many as Pastor Llewelyn Lucas will continue to haunt the Belizean psyche as a nation because it struck a paralyzing blow to the spirit of the Belizean people at home and abroad. In the horror that ended his life, we are not that kind of people that the world continues to know us as. And so we will have to speak up for those who have been slain in trying to make a difference for the Belizean people no matter how many faults those Belizeans had as human beings in their lives. We will have to speak the truth about the Belizean humanity as a means of defending who we really are in this world.

And in this Belizean Legends Special in respecting the life and times of “Pastor Lue,” as he is known, this is a small glimpse of a man that appeared to have made a serious impact on many throughout his life as a Belizean. During the 2014 Gang Intervention Southern Tour of Belize, the brother Pastor Lue visited the work that myself, brother Leonides Sanchez, and brother Abdul Marin Nunez had embarked on in Punta Gorda and Dangriga while we were doing speaking engagements at the schools. He appeared quiet but always with a smile that caught my attention as someone that had a bright spirit. He was cheerful and upright, and spoke positively about the work we were doing to bring gang intervention awareness to the Southern districts of Belize. Brother Lue, it appeared, was kind of impressed with what we were doing, and therefore it was an honor for me to have met him for the first time as another Belizean across distant shores. It would only be fair for me to say that this brother had a heart of love.

In writing this, it is my deepest of sincerity to God Most High as a law-abiding Muslim to say that the Christianity that was exemplified in Pastor Lue was the example in which Jesus the Christ showed when he walked the earth as a prophet that showed that he came to speak for the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed, and the weak. Then it is most fitting for me to conclude my farewell to brother Lue in the words of God Most High in His book, the Qu’ran, in a verse that was sent as the last revelation to mankind through the last and universal prophet, Muhammad Abdullah (PBUH): Think not of those who have been slain in the name of God as dead. They are not dead, though ye perceive it not. (Holy Qu’ran)

As Salaam Alaikum, Pastor Lue. From God we come, and to Him is all our return.

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