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Always, a traitor among us …

“Since July 26, 1947, the CIA has played a role in hundreds of assassinations, military coups, and rebellions around the globe, from Argentina to Zaire.

“Despite its championing of freedom, the CIA’s true objective has always been imperialist in nature. Whether oil in Iran or bananas in Guatemala, the U.S. has a material interest in every country in whose affairs it has meddled. In order to meet its goals, the CIA recruits influential, intellectual and charismatic personalities. The agency also resorts to threats, kidnapping, torture, enforced disappearances and assassinations. The organization incites violence, uprisings and military rebellion, and causes economic chaos and misery to the people through scarcity of basic foods and so on. The CIA has been exposed on a number of occasions through documented evidence, leaks of information and whistleblowing by active and former agents.” – TELESUR, 18 September 2016 – 07:34 PM

In 1993, Belize was still a quiet, easygoing place with the majority of its inhabitants being so innocent to the things which were taking place in different parts of the world. They were so accustomed to what was taught to them from the time of slavery and colonialization. The few who were able to get an education in the Western system came back puffed up like gods or descendants of those who believe that they are the chosen people of the God of Noah. Instead of helping their people they stepped on top of them and used them to benefit their own individualistic, selfish agendas.

With the passing of time, these people would be considered the Royal Creoles of the British settlement, and they were given the privilege to represent their masters by oppressing their own people. With time, those who were born out of the church´s dogma became another class of people, who also oppressed those of a darker skin. Meanwhile, they separated themselves as superior beings from the rest of the community; they even hid their grandmother in the attic because of her blackness when the lighter-skinned master paid a visit to his sweetheart´s swampy cabin or whatever shelter they had, that they called home.

The history of the Old Capital of Belize is an interesting one, especially in regard to the inhabitants’ behavior among themselves, and the contrast between that behavior and the very different interaction these persons had with the so-called “Spanish” from the Yucatan who were the developers of the northern part of this country. These Royal Creoles, who thought that they were white and British, married wealthy women who came to this place during the Social War of Yucatan. An example is that of the Creole, James Hume Blake, who married the so-called wealthy Spanish widow from Valladolid by the name of Antonia Andrade shortly after 1848, and many others who had joined their wealth, creating and enlarging the Royal Creoles with the Mestizas and Mestizos.

A similar situation of racism and oppression took place among the so-called “Spanish” and the indigenous Maya in the northern district of Corozal, which was shown in 1858 to be the second largest town, with 4,500 people, followed by San Esteban with 1,300 inhabitants, Orange Walk with 200 and the rest of villages with similar amounts. At that time, while we were fighting and struggling to get out of the hands of the British, seeking for unity, equality and justice, our people fell into a trap that was already set for them from way back when two white Africans from South Africa came up with an idea of establishing a world power under Great Britain, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the United States of America. These white supremacists believed that they were descendants of one of the twelve tribes of Israel, and thus the chosen people of the Almighty God. Such story and culture was brought here to Christianize the Indigenous people of the so-called New World and the Africans who were brought here as slaves.

Yet, it was not a sin for them, the Europeans, to exterminate so many tribes, to steal their land, their women, their children, to steal their natural resources and to create a new race with the idea to continue oppressing the descendants of African slaves and those of my people, the Maya. Our people have fought in different uprisings, but there has always been a traitor among us who sold our heroes and martyrs for money. Up to this day, they serve the actual imperialist, which is the most powerful military nation of the world. The history of traitors against their own mankind is a long one going way back into the beginning of humanity. On the other hand, all kinds of religions have been created throughout history and these, at the same time, have always been fighting against each other for power.

I wonder, if there exists a God like the one they speak about, does that God need any power? Does that God need any wealth? Does that God need to own anything? Then why, you sets of liars and hypocrites, do you fight against each other in the name of your God and in other instances, your Prophet?

“By late 1959, Washington had concluded that Castro was unacceptable. One reason, State Department liberals explained, was that ‘our business interests in Cuba have been seriously affected.’ A second was the threat to ‘stability’: ‘The United States cannot hope to encourage and support sound economic policies in other Latin American countries and promote necessary private investments in Latin America if it is or appears to be simultaneously cooperating with the Castro programs’.” ( – by Noam Chomsky, Introduction to the book Altered States)

In this 21st century, there is a threat not only to the freedom that the people of Latin America and the Caribbean have to choose the type of government they desire to administrate their national wealth, in which Washington interferes regardless of it not being their business, but also to the freedom of thought, expression and culture, such as those of the Islamic belief. So, my dear Belizean sisters and brothers, it is a sin in the eyes of Washington to have any kind of relations with any person in Belize who is a follower of the Muslim faith.

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January 5, 2018
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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