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Amazing Taiwan – Belize: 2017 Cultural Exchange Programme launched

BELIZE CITY, Fri. June 16, 2017–The 2017 Cultural Exchange Programme by the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan was launched this morning at the House of Culture in Belize City.

Captioned “Amazing Taiwan – Belize”, the event aims to highlight Taiwanese culture, while exploring similarities with Belizean culture.

Christine Huang, art instructor of the Primary and Secondary Art Skill Training Project, executed through the Embassy of Taiwan in Belize, said in delivering the introduction to the program, that it will feature a presentation of the traditional Zhonhyuan Festival. It will also include the making and launching of water lanterns and the showcasing of an animated Taiwanese film, including insights into the creation of animations. Also, there will be four summer camp groups available to 150 participants, youths and adults.

Dr. Sol. Yam, vice principal of St. John’s College and UB adjunct lecturer, said at the opening ceremony that, “…this initiative will empower the young minds of our country. I applaud the efforts of our scholars of both St. John’s College and the University of Belize who are determined to be a part of this program, as the program seeks to highlight the teaching of traditional mandarin, calligraphy, water lantern making, and history. I fully believe that this will be of great benefit to our scholars.”

“This will definitely be a wonderful experience for the students of St. John’s College and the University of Belize. We are very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that has been made available for us, and we will continue to be humble and grateful for future opportunities,” said Briannie Young, president of the student council of the University of Belize.

Mrs. Mirtha Peralta, president of St. John’s College, said that, “St. John’s College is fully committed to supporting this partnership with the Embassy, since these initiatives will provide the 40 young men from the high school, the junior college students, and many students of Belize a unique opportunity to experience a different culture through various art forms.”

She welcomed the collaborative effort of Taiwan in promoting the arts as a means of cultural exchange. During the course of the exchange, participants will also have the opportunity to use art to express what the experience means to them.

Alexis Solis, director of the House of Culture and Museum of Belize, where the workshops will be hosted in July, thanked Fiona Huang, organizer, and the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan for putting together the initiative. He especially thanked Ambassador Charles Wu of the Embassy of the Republic of China-Taiwan in Belize, who, he said, has dedicated his support to culture in Belize.

According to Huang, the program is also made possible through collaboration with the Department of Youth Services in Belize City, the National Institute of Culture and History (Institute of the Creative Arts, the Museum of Belize, and the House of Culture), the Samuel Haynes Institute of Excellence, St. John’s College High School and Junior College, as well as the University College of Belize.

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