Letters — 08 October 2013 — by Paul Rodriguez

Editor Sir:

I do not recall that when he campaigned in 2012, Prime Minister Dean Barrow sought a mandate to change our Constitution to rid our nation of its Christian values. With the introduction of a Bill to re-define rape, to criminalise assault of the anus and the mouth as equivalent to inserting the penis into a woman’s vagina, he seeks to do the following:- establish the anus and mouth as sexual organs; trivialise sexual intercourse and remove it from the sacred context of transmitting life.

It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seems that forgetting that he does not have a mandate to change our values has morphed our Prime Minister into absoluteness.

It is morally obtuse not to recognise that dealing with the violation of the right of a woman to decide when and if she will participate in the process of creating a new human life is radically different and distinct from any other violation. To force a woman to carry within herself a child that is the seed of an assailant is the worst thing that could happen to her.

It is absolutely frightening that our Prime Minister should describe as malicious the pointing out of the difference between rape (of a woman) and assault of children.

Truly, it is becoming more obvious by the day that Prime Minister Barrow is obeying a foreign agenda and in the process, trampling on the principles of Natural Law, which is the sacred foundation of our everyday behaviour.

It is abundantly self-evident that the penis and the vagina only are sexual organs. To use the anus as a substitute is an obvious unnatural act described by the Bible as a perversity and abomination.

God help us! God help our Prime Minister!

(Signed) Paul Rodriguez

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