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A campaign which started as far back as 1968 with the insidious and rejected United States government-backed Webster Proposals to make Belize a part of the Republic of Guatemala—and then continued with the treacherous Heads of Agreement in 1981 that led to widespread rebellion by the people of Belize in the streets—has now surfaced again since 2008 with the traitorous Compromis that has given the Guatemalan military oligarchy a green light to annex and invade the entire Sarstoon River in Southern Belize, even beyond the border line on that river that separated the two bordering nations, almost bringing the two nations to the brink of war, has culminated in an intoxication campaign by both governments to force the two peoples to go to the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) to settle the longstanding claim.

Intoxicating the Belizean & Guatemalan people

to go to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)!

What Belizeans both at home and abroad will continue to see that started since 2008 is an all-out push by the the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belize led by its Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, and his gang of diplomats in Belize and its foreign offices in the U.S., London, and across the world, a packaged and convoluted message of promises to make the people of Belize in Belize and in the diaspora believe that the Guatemalan government which at one time claimed the whole of Belize, and now half of its territory, will abandon its violent aggressive military tactics on the Sarstoon in the South and the Chiquibul Forest to the West before annexing the southern districts of Belize and will end its illegal military and encroachment claim to Belize.

Belizeans both at home and abroad should make sure that they educate themselves properly on this one if they are to possess still the Belize that Almighty God has blessed them with and was celebrated in the words, “this tranquil haven of democracy”, in a poem turned national anthem of Belize by the leader of the Ex-Servicemen’s Riot of 1919, Corporal Samuel Haynes, years after his return from the racist battlefields of Iraq in WWI, and later as a revolutionary leader in Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association (U.N.I.A.).

Belizeans both at home and abroad must be prepared to send a serious message to the centers of power both in Belize and Guatemala that they will not be coaxed by any fabricated referendum backed up and financed by the millions of dollars of the so-called Friends of Belize, (whoever those transnational corporations are), that they will not agree to any proposal of inferiority to the racist Guatemalan military oligarchy that wants to annex half of Belize and make it a part of its republic.

And Belizeans must be ready and willing to resist by all means necessary any sellout by the present Belizean regime in power in this sweet heart deal we call here, “Going to the ICJ!”, because that government now believes that they have been beaten in the international community by a powerful Guatemalan oligarchy’s campaign to remake themselves and make the world believe that they are better after slaughtering some 200,000 of their own people, the indigenous peoples of Guatemala, the Maya.

Belizeans must begin to act as the intelligent people they are and understand that this “New Deal” called, “Going to the ICJ”, is cloaked in lies, deceit, and mis-education. And they must be willing to shout a resounding “No” to any referendum these Belizean diplomats and stooges, both at home and abroad, put to them to take the unfounded and illegal Anglo / Guatemalan Claim to Belize to the I.C.J.

Stand up for Belize, Belizeans at home abroad. Know your Belizean history and be prepared to see these people coming to you selling this new fabrication for peace between Belize and Guatemala in its new brand called, “Going to the ICJ!”

(Photo by Belizean artist and photographer, Clyde Gillett)

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