Letters — 16 November 2012 — by John Smith, CEO

Dear Editor,

I just ran across the Kenneth Gale, August 17, 2012 article on the illegal fishing nets in Belize. We have been sending hundreds of sport fishermen to Belize since 1979. We just had a group who completed their 18th annual trip, and are almost ready to throw in the towel in Belize.

They have watched the decline over the years. We saw the decline in Florida, but when laws and enforcement came into play, these sport fish really came back.

While your writer doesn’t make mention of snook, these are a tremendously popular sport fish which the illegal netters have all but cleaned out.

While there have been laws in place in Belize, there is absolutely no enforcement. We can fish for weeks south of Belize and never see anyone from Belize Fisheries.

A few years ago we witnessed a net burning show in Belize. I think it was primarily for show, as we never heard much more about it and the netters came back.

My guys want to write letters or emails to the appropriate authorities. Can you direct me to some responsible people of power in Belize who may take this message to heart? Any help with specific contact information will be greatly appreciated.

John Smith, CEO
Action Belize
Website: http://actionbelize.com
Email: [email protected]
Phone US: 918.250.8884 or 888.383.6319
Fax: 918.516.0535

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