Sports — 14 August 2012

We received a call this morning from tournament organizer Dickie Hernandez, and shortly afterwards a visit from 70-year-old Michael Soberanis, son of the legendary Belizean labor leader, Antonio Soberanis, both gently correcting the first name spelling error in our story in last Wednesday’s Amandala, informing about the new football tournament in honor of the great gentleman. Our headline said “Anthony,” but it should be “Antonio.”

Mr. Michael, who left Belize in 1969, retired from his job in New York in 2003, and has been visiting home regularly since 2008, says he plans to relocate permanently, and, along with other family members, is working on the Antonio Soberanis Foundation, which he says will be geared to assist serious and dedicated students who are having difficulty paying for their books, uniforms, etc. He says his father, who is considered the father of the labor movement in Belize, always stressed the importance of learning every skill possible, especially in the technical or vocational area. “Pointing to his head, he would say, nobody can take away from you what you have in here.” The First Annual Antonio Soberanis Quadrangular football tournament is scheduled to kick off this Sunday, August 19, at the Lucky Strike Village football field. According to tournament organizer Dickie Hernandez, four teams have already paid their $200.00 for registration. First prize is $500.00 plus a trophy; 2nd and 3rd place each receive a trophy. The playoff finals on September 9 and 10 will be held in Santana, the home village of Antonio Soberanis, and where he is buried. Dickie Hernandez can be contacted at 623-9288.

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