Letters — 20 August 2013 — by Babe Feldman

Honorable Leaders of the Government of Belize,

I have no doubt that in your hearts you love Belize and all that she stands for. My wife, grown children, friends and I have been so fortunate to enjoy this wonderful country, its people, cultures and physical treasures. Our hope is to see future generations be as blessed as we have been.

So what could be the problem with those who claim that the signing of a MOU between the Government of Belize and Norwegian Cruise Lines is a bad decision? The answer lies in what my father (deceased: attorney and Senior Judge in New Jersey) told me many years ago. He said you can change most anything except human nature.

Therein lies the rub. What seems to be at work here is letting human nature’s greed and power glands run amuck. They tend to override intellect and vision in similar ways to what we’ve witnessed here in the USA with politicians and sex. Of course one knows what they are doing is wrong, but they do it anyway because of the power of, and inability to effectively manage, the present forces of human nature.

After the damage has been done, remorse flows and forgiveness is begged. But often the effects of our actions now cannot be undone. It’s only if one musters the courage to use their intellect, experience and evidence based judgment now can predictable outcomes be avoided.

I am not a politician or in a position of power to influence your actions. I am old enough and sufficiently removed from the forces of your political and economic commerce to enjoy clarity of vision. My request is that you take the time now to try and step back and take the long view of what’s best for your country. We will all be gone before those who come after us must live with what is done now. Please think carefully and take care of those who have put their trust in you to do the right thing. It is not easy, but doing the right thing is often the hardest work of all.

Babe Feldman
Sunrise House
Plantation, Placencia

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