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Another baby dies in KHMH

HeadlineAnother baby dies in KHMH

BELIZE CITY, Mon. June 5, 2017–The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) is yet again at the center of another controversy.

The MacKinnon family visited our newspaper today and revealed that a month ago, Tracy MacKinnon, 7 months pregnant, was rushed to the KHMH with intensive labor pain.

She told us that upon her arrival, medical authorities administered an injection to stop the contractions and two more to help develop her unborn daughter’s lungs.

However, Tracy’s mother, Carol MacKinnon, felt that something had gone wrong based on her daughter’s reaction to the injections.

“Maybe dey give ah something strong or something wrong,” she claimed.

According to her, “When ih [Tracy] deh pon di bed afta dey give ah di injection, ih start to tremble and ih di shake up like ih wa faint weh.”

“I hurry come out ah di ward and I gone da di nurse. I seh, ‘Nurse, please gimme wa blanket, mi daughter look like ih wa faint weh, ih di tremble.” You know weh ih [the nurse] tell me? “We nuh got that yah,” she added.

Later that night, the senior MacKinnon would already be home when she would get a devastating call from Tracy.

Carol MacKinnon recollected, “Tracy call di night and seh, ‘Ma, come help mi.” When I reach di nurses deh inna di doorway, deh have she behind wa curtain by ihself di cry… Suh I gone behind the curtain and she seh, “Ma, di baby dead.”

The following morning Tracy was scheduled to go into surgery to remove the dead baby from her uterus. However, strangely, doctors were unable to locate the file containing her medical information.

“They seh deh can’t find the file, the file was missing. I came out the surgery and still no file,” Tracy told Amandala.

According to Carol, authorities were unable to find Tracy’s patient file but were able to make another significant finding.

She recalled, “We went to emergency. They put ah pon dis nice bed with nice white sheet. When she get up wa round black spot deh pon di bed.”

“I frighten, I mi di wonder if da from she. She had on something fi cova ah, right, but that di come outta di mattress,” she added.

Carol told our newspaper that the mattress was later destroyed by KHMH authorities.

Last week, the MacKinnons met with the Chief Executive Officer at the KHMH, Adrian Coye, who, they claimed, revealed that the file had still not been located.

According to the MacKinnons, authorities at the KHMH claimed that the child died because her placenta was ruptured.

A post-mortem examination classified the child’s death as “still birth.”

The MacKinnons maintain that there was some negligence on the part of authorities at the KHMH which led to their loss, and as a result, they will be seeking legal advice.

Carol MacKinnon told our newspaper, “My ma born seven months, and right now you shoulda see ah. Da wa big strapping black woman. Dat da my ma.”

“My granny dead when ih 86, she mi seven months to. Look how long they live, so why da one couldn’t live if they mi cut ah? Ih mi wa live. They da nuh God, only God coulda mi seh ih nuh wa live,” she added.

Public Relations Manager at the KHMH, Tylon Tillett, confirmed to Amandala this evening that an official complaint has been lodged by the MacKinnon family.

According to Tillett, this complaint has triggered an investigation which should be completed within the next three weeks.

Tillett told us that if the investigations reveal that there was any negligence on the part of the KHMH, there are internal mechanisms in place to address it.

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