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Former Belize diplomat busted with expired identification and diplomatic license plates

BELIZE CITY, Tues. Jan. 30, 2018– A former Belize diplomat, who was still hanging on to his expired diplomatic license plate and identification card, was busted in London on January 19, on the A3, reports out of the UK said.

Andy Wigmore, 51, was appointed Belize’s Trade and Investment Minister Council, attached to the Belize High Commission to London in 2012, a diplomatic post that he held until last year, January 23, when he was sacked from his job due to his highly publicized meeting with the US president-elect Donald J. Trump. As a diplomat representing a country, Wigmore violated diplomatic protocol by meeting with Trump when that meeting was not sanctioned by the Belize government.

The high-flying Wigmore, who is a friend of Nigel Farage, the Brexit campaign boss, also worked as the communications director of Leave.EU, which supported the Brexit campaign.

Police pulled Wigmore over on the suspicion that he was driving without insurance, and that was when it was discovered that he had the expired diplomatic identification and the expired license plates. Police seized Wigmore’s expired diplomatic identification and license plates and he was arrested and detained.

Wigmore, who in 1998 claimed to have dual nationality – Belizean and British, was born in Chipping Norton, Oxford.

Wigmore, however, represented Belize at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in shooting. He competed in the men’s trap event, ranking 31st and 36th respectively on the first and second day of qualification. He failed to qualify any further. He also attempted to represent Belize again at the Rio Olympics, according to Wikipedia.

The UK Guardian quoted Wigmore as telling The Sun, a British tabloid, “It’s very embarrassing, but it was all just an administrative error. I was unaware my number plates had been decommissioned.”

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