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Belize Musicians Past and Present celebrates 22nd anniversary

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 6, 2017–The longest running talk show in the nation, hosted on KREM Radio, the Belize Musicians Past and Present show, is celebrating its 22nd anniversary on Thursday, February 9.

The show is produced to promote Belizean artists nationally and internationally by affording artists a platform on the show to tell their story, and get media exposure.

The show was launched on February 2, 1995, and is produced by Tony Wright, assisted by JC Arzu, both of KREM Radio.

Wright said that the show will continue, and he wants to see more artists come on the show. He estimated that so far, over 1,000 artists have been guests on the show.

In an interview with Amandala, Wright said that previously, there was no other show, or outlet, where the artists could go and tell their stories, and demonstrate their art.

Wright said that it all started with JC Arzu, who began to promote local artists on KREM Radio, and he is the powerhouse behind promoting and exposing the local artists.

All or most major Belizean artists have made an appearance on the show. Those abroad send music they have produced, for exposure in Belize, and when they come to the Jewel, they make a live appearance on the show.

Some of the major artists who have made appearances on the show include Wilfred Peters, Andy Palacio, Paul Nabor, Franky Rhys, Lord Rhaburn, and Tanya Carter, among many others.

In his message on the 22nd anniversary of the show, JC Arzu implores the artists to take a more proactive approach to the current issues in their music and songs, to tell the story of Belize through comedic humor and music. People want to hear the story of Belize, and are depending on the artists to do so, said Arzu.

Arzu said that there are things being done by businessmen and politicians, and these should be told by artist in jokes and music. Art is independent of age, said Arzu, and he is calling on those in the community with means and the resources to help the artists.

Tony Wright noted that the amount of new music and productions being churned out by the local artists has been diminishing. He encourages the artists to keep producing and keep promoting Belize, and not to get discouraged, that the market is huge. Wright also noted that there is not a solid collaboration between the cultural and tourism sector and the local artists, which is very much needed. He is urging artists to target and explore this avenue and collaborate in the industry for financial benefits.

The show has received numerous prestigious awards and citations, including an award from the Consul General of Los Angeles, California, in the United States and a citation from the Mayor of Lexington City, also of the United States.

Artists who want to appear on the show can contact Tony Wright at 625-3967 for scheduling.

Wright and Arzu express gratitude to the management of KREM Radio for keeping the show on the air over the years, and thank listeners and supporters of the show. They say also a special thank you to Dario’s Meat Pies of Hydes Lane, who has been supporting the show for the past years and continues to do so.

Wright invites the public to tune in to KREM Radio on Thursday evening, for a special edition of the Belize Musicians Past and Present — the 22nd anniversary show — on which local heavyweight musicians and artists will be performing. These include the Mighty Lord Rhaburn, Jorge Ernesto Babb and Yasser Musa, among others.

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