Letters — 01 March 2016
Letter to the Editor: Belizean serving in Botswana

Dear Editor,

Few Belizeans have the privilege to visit the continent of Africa. Christophe Engleton, a 31-year-old son of The Jewel is blessed to be in Botswana working for the Peace Corps in Botswana as a Local Government Volunteer with the Government of Botswana for two years to help fight the HIV epidemic in Africa. His mother, Lucia Ellis from Unitedville, and his extended family of San Ignacio, Belize are excited for his experience, which began in August 2015. Christophe was working at St. Ignatius Evening Division, Santa Elena-San Ignacio, as the Information Technology teacher prior to his move to Botswana.

In preparation for the work he and the other participants underwent rigorous training in Botswana culture and language. The country experiences winter during the months of May–August and summer in November–February.

Christophe says that living conditions are comfortable and volunteers must live within the means provided by the Peace Corps. He is one of the few born Belizeans who have served in the Peace Corps.

Statistics indicate that Africa has the highest HIV infection rates in the world next to America, so this program is one which the United States Government has made their top priority to combat this epidemic. He is prepared to share his experience when he returns. His time in Botswana is for two years.

Peace Corps Botswana has a growing technology department that works with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and is expanding. They receive funding from President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and are currently working with USAID and the Government of Botswana to fight the HIV epidemic.

Christophe Engleton can be reached on Linkedin and on Facebook for inquiries about his work and other information about Botswana.

Lucia Ellis,

Mother of Christophe Engleton

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