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May 11, 2018– THE AGE OF REFORM:  Let us so title the next two decades, 2018-2038.

To make reform an achievable goal, those who have political power should be the prime agents of change or at least not be obstructionists. Without their approval reformers could find themselves leading a not so peaceful revolution, which may God spare us from, often results in the most barbaric expressions of human nature.  Therefore, it will be most salutary if those with power allow themselves to be disciplined to accept useful and necessary curtailment of it. What we need, really, is peaceful, constructive change.

Those who support the status quo may object asking: what is wrong?  Everything is going fine!  Look at the improvements in infrastructure!  Let’s leave good enough alone!

A clear-eyed realist, a genuine reformer, does not look upon the world from rose colored glasses, like the partisan. He calls a spade – a spade.  But he does not get involved in trivia.  When the Attorney General scolded the Evangelicals for exposing the law to legalize certain aspects of marijuana use, he did not know or forgot, that according to our Constitution, every citizen has freedom of conscience.  It is to be ardently desired that the initiatives of reform will render jejune mistakes obsolete.

At this time in Belize what does a citizen need in academic qualification to be chosen as a candidate for National Elections?  As far as I know – none.   All that is wanted is to convince the party that you can win.  Do you know of any other?

Suggestion: Every year the two major political parties should have a one-week seminar on the Constitution of Belize – focusing mainly on the Preamble.

The Preamble clearly delineates the essential qualities of our Belizean Society and therefore what our governance should be. It describes what we Belizeans are and how our laws should suit our true nature.

The judge or politician who does not understand what is the true nature of Belizean Man is not qualified to be a ruler. When the Attorney General scolded the Evangelicals, he was claiming that they were interfering in the area of civil society, which, he was claiming, was none of their business.

The framers of our Constitution used the word “spiritual” sparingly – only once.  This was not from shyness, or ignorance of the place of religion, spirituality, and moral values in society and the marketplace.  The components of Belizean Society was clearly understood.  They wrote in Article (d) of the Preamble: “that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for MORAL AND SPIRITUAL values and upon the rule of law.”

Who actually crafted this document?  His knowledge of Western Civilization and philosophy was indeed superb.  He knew the true nature of man, that he is both body and soul. Therefore law, any law made for man must take into account this incontrovertible fact that it must satisfy the needs of both body and soul.

It is common knowledge that the philosophers of Western Law have always held that good civil law is always the first line of defence for moral law.  Therefore the ruler who tells religious people not to interfere with civil law needs to go back to his books. An inescapable fact is that good secular law is the first, primordial protection of man’s body and SOUL!

Unless we scrap our present Constitution our rulers and politicians must face the obvious fact: Our Belize must be a CHRISTIAN DEMOCRACY.  As Belizeans we have to come to terms with this inescapable truth.  If you cannot, then perhaps you should not vie for public office.  However, if you seek to be elected, you should know the six main articles of the Preamble.  They are:
a)    The supremacy of God
b)    The principles of social justice
c)    The will of the people forms the basis of government
d)    Men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and upon the rule of law
e)    Require policies of state which protect and safeguard the unity, freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Belize
f)    Commitment to the above ideals and goals.
Don’t run for office, if you cannot live and rule by the above Belizean principles!

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