Letters — 19 August 2017
Bernard Bulwer’s  two cents

Dear Editor,
I’m out of circulation, FB/social media, but from what I’ve glimpsed (and maybe I shouldn’t comment because I haven’t digested or discussed deeply), this smells of a dangerous game at Belize’s expense. Could Taiwan, a country under existential threat, be cozying up (to such a great financial extent) to Guatemala—a country that poses an existential threat to Belize—in the form of a potential Trojan horse?

So this is my 2 cents:
• Option 1. Belize can easily get Taiwan’s attention if it really wants, and sign up to the PRC-One China policy, unless Taiwan reconsiders
• Option 2: Taiwan and the British sign the Treaty with Guatemala & Belize—that this sponsored road is the actual payment to settle the Anglo-Guatemalan dispute.

Bernard Bulwer

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