Sports — 24 December 2016
More big station prizes in KREM New Year’s Classic

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Dec. 19, 2016–On Friday, December 16, another $1,000.00 prize was added to the list of big station prizes for the Elite Male Category of the 27th Annual KREM New Year’s Day Cycling Classic 2017.

The revised list of major station prizes therefore now reads:

Elite Male Category

*San Roman Village – $2,000.00 – by Freetown Drug Store.
*Shell One Stop, Orange Walk – $1,000.00 – by Hon. Johnny Briceno & Jaime Briceno.
*Smart Tower at Mile 3, $1,000.00 by Smart, Bringing People Together.
*Maskall Junction – $1,000.00 – by Hon. Edmund Castro.
*National Concrete Products Compound at Mile 11 – $1,000.00 – by National Concrete Products.
*Coke Factory Cut-off, at Mile 9 – $1,000.00 – by Powerade.

Those are some of the big station prizes; but of course there will be many others, as well as for the Female and Junior categories.
The official top finishers in the KREM New Year’s Cycling Classic 2016, after disqualifications were made by NADO (National Anti-Doping Organization) in conjunction with the

Cycling Federation of Belize, were as follows:

Elite Male Champion: Joel Adan Borland; 2nd Justin Williams; 3rd Johnny Valencia (MEX). (Gregory Lovell and Byron Pope were previously listed as 2nd and 3rd, respectively.)
Female Champion: Alicia Thompson; 2nd Kaya Cattouse; 3rd Paulita Chavarria.
Junior Champion: Ernest Bradley; 2nd Juhawi Ysaguirre; 3rd Kaydine Pinelo.

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