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Big up, Delmar Sutherland and Frank Folgarait

LettersBig up, Delmar Sutherland and Frank Folgarait

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” – Margaret Mead (1902-1978), cultural anthropologist

Dear Editor,

There are people who take of their time to make a positive difference in our communities and are seldom acknowledged. Kudos goes to the people who shape our kids’ lives to make them better at what they do!

Delmar Sutherland and Frank Folgarait are two of these people, who have transformed the lives of kids by nurturing their sporting abilities, confidence and character. They took the boys from the St. Francis Xavier football team under their wings and essentially changed the way these kids will feel about themselves for the rest of their lives.

Last season, for the Mayor’s Cup in Corozal, this team was the cellar-dweller in the standings and were physically blown away by the competition. They were taking losses of 8-0 and 10-0 and were unable to get a goal. About four months ago, Delmar and Frank teamed up to make a difference. They began to teach the kids the basics of football along with having them do rigorous physical exercise. They would meet the boys at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium after classes and train them for about an hour and a half daily.

This has made a noticeable difference in this year’s competition. After five games, the team is on top of the standings with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. It is also evident in the demeanor of the boys that their mentors’ dedication has paid off. These guys celebrate wins like they just won the World Cup.

What is particularly inspiring about the action of these two men is that they are doing this for free, notwithstanding their personal health situation. Delmar Sutherland, in particular, was diagnosed some years ago with chronic renal failure, but this has not prevented him from attending the trainings. His drive to make a difference is awe-inspiring. I have been out there on some occasions and I have seen Delmar lie on the field at times, probably because of discomfort and continue to instruct the young boys with the assistance of Mr. Folgarait.

It is moving to see the dedication these two well-known Belizean football greats show to the kids and the sport. Their actions and contributions to the betterment of the sport and lives of these kids are priceless.

Lately, the duo has been joined by Otto Riverol and Derrick Riverol, who are also contributing to the teams’ performance and they should also be commended for their involvement. The actions of these men are transformative and their legacies will live on through these kids’ lives.

On another note, similarly inspiring, we must congratulate the CCC Marching Band for an exciting performance during the recently concluded Bandfest in Corozal Town. Kudos goes to Mrs. Ruth Shoman, Mr. Brad Moore and Mr. Amir Charley for all the work and time invested to perfect these youth’s performance.

Special mention must also be made of all the young people in the band, who showed their dedication and their drive for excellence. Pointedly, Ms. Alitzah Martinez and Francis Michesckors deserve commendations for their contribution as dance choreographer and fashion designer, respectively, considering that they are still teenagers. Notwithstanding their tender ages, they gave the seasoned competition a run for their money. Great job!

Eric Henderson
For my kids:
Hristov Henderson & Christy Henderson

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