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Bloody weekend in the West

DUCK RUN 2, Spanish Lookout, Cayo District, Mon. Aug. 15, 2016–Two brutal deaths, as a result of separate incidents, occurred in the Cayo District over the weekend. In one incident, Hever Miranda, 32, of Duck Run 2 in the Cayo Distict, was chopped in the head and shot in the chest by one of four men who attacked him after they became involved in an altercation, and in the other incident, Clerito Perez, 32, of San Martin, Belmopan was chopped several times while he tried to defend his younger brother, Walter Alvarado, who was chopped in the head by one of two men who attacked him.

In the case of the death of Perez, the police are looking for two men in San Martin, Belmopan, and in the case of Miranda’s death, police have four men in custody and they are confident that the accused killer is one of them.

The first incident occurred at about 5:00 yesterday morning. Police report that Hever Miranda and a woman were socializing at the Pasadita Bar on the Spanish Lookout road when four men with whom he had an altercation came into the bar, and once again an altercation between the men flared up, and that was when one of the men chopped him in the head.

Miranda was then also shot, and the men then escaped out of the bar.

Miranda was taken to the Western Regional Hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

Police said that the initial altercation between Miranda and the men occurred in Unitedville, in the Cayo District, according to reports from a woman who was socializing with Miranda. She told police that when the men came, they ordered her to come with them, but she refused.

She and Miranda left the area and went to another bar, the Pasadita, and the men followed them to that bar, where they became involved in the altercation, and Miranda was killed. Police said that they have since found the machete which was used to chop him.

About 1:30 this afternoon, Amandala visited Miranda’s family in Duck Run. About 50 people had assembled at the family house to mourn and sympathize with the grieving parents. The family said that they would not make any comments, except to say that that they wanted justice, and they trust that police will do their job and bring the killer to justice.

Hever Miranda was the father of a little girl, 3. He is survived by his parents, 8 sisters and 6 brothers, many relatives and friends, and the wider community of Duck Run.

The second murder occurred at about 12:30 this morning on St. Peter Street in San Martin, Belmopan. Walter Alvarado, 23, told us that his brother, Clerito Perez, asked him to go with him to the nearby restaurant to buy fried chicken.

Alvarado said that he was along with his girlfriend and hesitated, but three of them went.

Shortly after, two men came up to them and attacked Alvarado. They kicked and punched him, but his brother intervened, and the men left the area.

Alvarado said that as they were returning home, the men came back on bicycles, and one of them chopped him in the head, and the machete was lodged in his head, but he managed to try to reach his house to alert his family and to get help.

Alvarado collapsed, however, and a woman who was passing by in her car, stopped and took him in her vehicle to the Western Regional Hospital, where he was rushed to the emergency ward. Shortly after his arrival at the hospital, the ambulance brought in his brother, Clerito Perez. He had a number of chop wounds, and he was dead.

A neighbor, who is also a relative of the brothers, said that she was sleeping when she was alerted by the commotion, and went out to see what was happening, and that was when she saw Clerito Perez lying on the ground. He was bleeding badly. She tried to console him and spoke to him, and she lamented that the ambulance took 35 to 40 minutes to come.

Inspector Santiago Pott, Deputy Commander of Belmopan Police, told us today that the two brothers were not known to have had a dispute with the men, and there is no known reason why they were attacked.

Ricardo, the second eldest brother in Perez’s family, said that the family wants justice. He said that his brothers were attacked and chopped for no reason. He wants to tell everybody to be careful about whom they consider friends.

Another family member of Perez told us that he was friendly and easy to get along with, and that he had been building her house.

He is survived by his mother, his wife, 12 brothers and 4 sisters. He is also survived by many other relatives and friends.

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