Sports — 12 November 2013
“Boxer” knocked down, but not out, by “sleepy” police driver

Veteran boxer Henry “Boxer” Gill is shaken up, scraped knees and elbows, and bruised along the right side of his body, upon which he fell after being knocked down by a police pickup while he was riding his bicycle around 6:30 this morning on his way to do his regular morning work-out at the Body 2000 gym. According to “Boxer,” he was riding on Mahogany Street when he saw the vehicle coming, and just managed to jump off his bicycle in time to avoid the full impact of the vehicle, which still ran over and badly damaged his mountain bike. “I only escaped serious injury because I’m in pretty good shape and still agile for my age,” claimed Gill, who showed us his bandaged knee and abrasions on his wrist and elbow. His left side is still in pain from the fall on the pavement.

“The officer apologized for his mistake,” continued Gill, “and he confessed that he had fallen asleep at the wheel, which caused him to run into me.” At 6:30 in the morning, that could possibly be the result of a long night shift. Gill said he is not pressing charges, since the officer was very mannerly and has promised to help him replace or repair his bike.

“And I am not turning back,” the resilient “Boxer” insisted, saying, “When I get knocked down, I just get up and continue fighting.” The 59-year-old Gill said he is still pursuing his dream of opening a boxing gym for youths in the Lake Independence area where he lives.

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