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“Boxer” rearing to go, needs a spot for a gym in Lake-I

Sports“Boxer” rearing to go, needs a spot for a gym in Lake-I

Veteran boxer/trainer Henry “Boxer” Gill, who says he is home to stay after spending over thirty years in the U.S., came to our sports desk this morning to show us some of the boxing gear he had brought home on his return. In our report in Amandala of September 4, titled “Henry Gill, a.k.a. ‘Boxer’ hopes to revive youth boxing in Belize City,” Gill had said he wanted to start working “with the kids” and was “talking to a number of people to seek help in providing a gym and the equipment needed to get the program going in Belize City.”

Though he is still bubbling with enthusiasm for the sport of boxing, today we sensed a measure of impatience as well as some anxiety in Gill, as he revealed that no assistance has been forthcoming in getting a gym to start training the kids in his area. “I have some equipment I brought to start with, but I need a gym,” he explained. Gill opened a travelling bag with some boxing gloves, protective head gear and trainer’s gloves, and proudly posed for our camera with some of the boxing gear. He said most of the equipment was donated to him while he was in Chicago by an Italian boxer, Russel Forey, who was the Chicago Golden Gloves champ at the time.

Henry said he is in support of the efforts of the Lions Den gym managers Clinton Tucker of Ladyville and Frank Martinez of San Ignacio; but he says he wants his own gym, so he can train his own fighters in Lake-I and take them to compete against the youth from other gyms. He said he doesn’t need anything fancy, and he is reaching out to anyone in the Lake-I area who has a facility that he can use for a training gym.

Henry “Boxer” Gill presently resides at #6874 Electric Avenue, and can be reached at phone 666-8091.

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