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Breaking News! 

Dear Editor,

Sealed indictments are being prepared against Belizean politicians! Secret Swiss and Caribbean bank accounts being investigated! Ambiguity discovered in tax-returns! Disgruntled cronies spill the beans!

Just kidding! But it’s a thought….

Speaking of the plutocratic class, I read where Sedi Elrington’s arrogance and sense of self-importance was on display yet again, blinding him as to what’s really going on in the country.

Misinterpreting the BNTU’s legitimate concerns over how Belize is being governed and how —as citizens— they are giving collective voice to these issues, Elrington seems to believe the teachers should “stay in their place” (House Negro?, Field Negro?, Uncle Remus?), and that they have no right to their demonstrations, and in addition, are too dumb to realize they can never breathe the exalted air he inhales!

What?! Sounding like just another party hack with a job, and himself with a resume short on details in the enumeration of the brilliant things he’s personally accomplished for the good of the Belizean people, the last thing Elrington wants is to see the population increasingly energized and determined to make fundamental changes.

Tone-deaf and unable to understand that the people are tired of their relationship with government (where they are made to feel like the painted iron jockeys on the lawns of the Old U.S. Plantation South), prattling on about proper Union mandates gets you no cred, Sedi. You just don’t get it.


Russell Czarnecki

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