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C-Ray High School Cycling Week 2 results and standings

BELIZE CITY, Fri. May 11, 2018– Here are the results from Day Two (Thursday, May 10) of the C-Ray Cycling Club High School Cycling Series 2018, as well as the overall standings.

(Legend: Wesley College – WES; Maude Williams High – MWH; St. Catherine Academy – SCA; Sadie Vernon Technical – SVT; Gwen Lizarraga High – GLH; St. John’s College – SJC; Excelsior High – EXH; Canaan Seventh Day Adventist – CSDA; Edward P. Yorke High – EPY; Institute of Technical Vocational Education & Training – ITVET)

Female Category “B” Semifinals
Heat #7 – 1st Riana Stein (WES); 2nd Monica Ferguson (MWH); 3rd Tahj Monea (WES)
Heat #8 – 1st Karina Nunez (WES); 2nd Leana Cocom (SCA); 3rd Kia Hyde (MWH)
Heat #9 – 1st Edel Villanueva (SCA); 2nd Imauri Fuller (SCA); 3rd Britney Dedius (MWH)

Heat #10 – 1st Edel Villanueva (SCA); 2nd Karina Nunez (WES); 3rd Leana Cocom (SCA); 4th Riana Stein (WES); 5th Imauri Fuller (SCA)

Female Category “A” FINALS
Heat #3 – 1st Alicee King (WES)
Male Category “B” Semifinals    Heat #9 – 1st Michael Bowen (SVT); 2nd Connor Bucknor (WES); 3rd Lamar Grant (MWH)
Heat #10 – 1st James Lozano (GLH); 2nd Winston Swift (SJC); 3rd Cyrus Welch (GLH)
Heat #11 – 1st Brian Mangar (SVT); 2nd Darnell Guzman (SVT); 3rd Alvin Martinez (GLH)

Heat #12 – 1st Brian Mangar (SVT); 2nd James Lozano (GLH); 3rd Winston Swift (SJC); 4th Michael Bowen (SVT); 5th Darnell Guzman (SVT)

Male Category “A” FINALS
Heat #1 – 1st Carlton Robinson (SVT); 2nd Eric Heusner (EXH); 3rd Tyler Gillett (SJC); 4th Dale Williams (CSDA); 5th Patrick Williams (SJC)
Devil Take the Hindmost Rider Race Winners
Female Category – Edel Villanueva (SCA)
Category “B” Male – James Lozano (GLH)
Category “A” Male – Eric Heusner (EXH)

Next week Thursday, May 17, we start over with preliminary rounds, and all cyclists will compete again.

Female Category “B” – 1st Edel Villanueva (SCA, 18 pts); 2nd Karina Nunez (WES, 17 pts); 3rd Riana Stein (WES 15 pts); 4th Leana Cocom (SCA, 14 pts); 5th Imauri Fuller (SCA, 11 pts); 6th Monica Ferguson (MWH, 11 pts); 7th Tahj Monea (WES, 10 pts); 8th Shannaya Whylie (GLH, 8 pts); 9th Shaneen Gladden (MWH, 8 pts); 10th Britney Dedius (MWH, 8 pts); 11th Shantel Flowers (SVT, 6 pts); 12th Kia Hyde (MWH, 6 pts); 13th Tanea Olivia (SVT, 5 pts); 14th Bathsheba Budran (SVT, 5 pts); 15th Shaunetta Guzman (SVT, 4 pts); 16th Kishawna Tillett (MWH, 3 pts).

Female Category “A” – 1st Alicee King (WES, 12 pts); 2nd Siyah Swasey (SCA, 0 pts).

Male Category “B” – 1st Brian Mangar (SVT, 18 pts); 2nd James Lozano (GLH, 16 pts); 3rd Winston Swift (SJC, 15 pts); 4th Michael Bowen (SVT, 15 pts); 5th Darnell Guzman (SVT, 12 pts); 6th Conner Bucknor (WES, 12 pts); 7th Alvin Martinez (GLH, 10 pts); 8th Cyrus Welch (GLH, 9 pts); 9th Lamar Grant (MWH, 9 pts); 10th Merwin Martinez (GLH, 8 pts); 11th Justin Castellanos (WES, 8 pts); 12th Dereck Brown (SJC, 8 pts); 13th Kymay Whyte (SVT, 6 pts); 14th Warren Flowers (EXH, 6 pts); 15th Nasier Alpuche (CSDA, 6 pts); 16th Leon Leslie (WES, 5 pts); 17th Raheem Augustine (SVT, 4 pts); 18th Omar Louriano (MWH, 4 pts); 19th Steffen Gillett (SJC, 4 pts); 20th Richard Gardiner (CSDA, 4 pts); 21st Nathan Leslie (WES, 4 pts); 22nd Tyrese Fuller (CSDA, 4 pts); 23rd Jarvis Usher (CSDA, 4 pts); 24th Sherwood Nolberto (SVT, 3 pts); 25th Denfield Williams (GLH, 3 pts); 26th Paul Munnings (CSDA, 3 pts); 27th Kevon Arthurs (MWH, 3 pts); 28th Oscar Nunez (CSDA, 2 pts); 29th Ismar Andrade (SJC, 2 pts);  30th Jaylen Harris (CSDA, 2 pts).

Male Category “A” – 1st Carlton Robinson (SVT, 17 pts); 2nd Eric Heusner (EXH, 16 pts); 3rd Tyler Gillett (SJC, 12 pts); 4th Dale Williams (CSDA, 11 pts); 5th Patrick Williams (SJC, 8 pts); 6th Randy Azueta (SJC, 7 pts); 7th Raheim Lazaro (EPY, 3 pts); 8th Uriel Correra (ITVET, 3 pts); 9th Sheldon Lynch (WES, 2 pts); 10th Cody Flowers (EPY, 2 pts); 11th Derrick Bonnell (WES, 1 pt); 12th Dylan Belisle (WES, 1 pt).

(Scores:  Day 1 + Day 2 = Total) – #1 WES (46+41=87 pts); #2 SVT (55+29=84 pts); #3 SJC (30+50=80 pts); #4 GLH (30+24=54 pts); #5 MWH (35+17=52 pts); #6 SCA (15+28=43 pts); #7 CSDA (30+6=36 pts); #8 EXH (12+10=22 pts); #9 EPY (5+0=5 pts); #10 ITVET (3+0=3 pts).
Best Female Team Standings at Week 2 – #1 WES (22+32=54 pts); #2 SCA (15+28=43 pts); #3 MWH (23+13=36 pts); #4 SVT (20+0=20 pts); #5 GLH (5+3=8 pts); #6 EXH (0+0=0 pts).

Week 1– Carlton Robinson (SVT) – 1:24
Week 2 – Eric Heusner (EXH) – 1:25

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