Letters — 04 March 2014 — by Romel Cuello

Dear Sir,

I read and watch the world news in amazement and grief at the rivalry between rightists and leftists, capitalism and socialism. There is a saying in Spanish, “Las cosas en exceso hacen danio” (No tilde on my keyboard, so use an i). “Things in excess harm you”. It is the same with these political systems.

Taking care of money matters only is bad and focusing only on social justice will not work either. There has to be a balance, and Rt. Honorable George Price had the answer with his middle-of-the-road policy, until his party members split along the same lines we are talking about.

“Not that the rich shall have less but that the poor shall have more.” If these philosophies were followed by strong leaders a lot of the world’s problems would be solved.

Take, for example, Amandala pushes for professionalism in sports and at the same time admires socialist governments. In socialist countries there are no professional sportsmen, no freedom of the press either.

Let’s try to ride the middle of the road, gentlemen.

Romel Cuello

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