A sick media landscape …

The equipment and technology at Channel 5 are all sparkling and state-of-the-art. Channel 5 is a member in good standing of the Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU). The television station is owned by a billionaire international business [...]


Early in December of last year, the Kremandala group of businesses began an overall belt tightening. This was with a view to surviving the post-holidays downturn which hits the Belizean economy every January. More than that, [...]

From honesty to dishonesty …

Prime Minister of Belize, the Rt. Hon. Dean O. Barrow, came out of one of the old civil service families in British Honduras. The post-World War II scions of several of these families went to study [...]

Hard as nails, soft as marshmallows

The Northside/Southside model was never a precise analytical tool. That is because, in the first instance, there are a few Northside Belize City neighborhoods which are as Southside as can be. The Northside/Southside model has also [...]

Waiting for instructions …

Despite its verdant fertility so much of the colony had been turned over to the production of sugar that Jamaica, by the middle of the nineteenth century, was heavily reliant upon imported American foodstuffs. - pg. [...]

Uncomfortable truths

At the risk of sounding trite, they say the days of the fat dog are behind us. After some years of living large off the Petrocaribe dollars, reality has started to set in. We still see [...]

Roots, respectables, and rogues

Lately at this editorial desk, we have found ourselves being drawn into a discourse we felt we had moved beyond in 1977, the year when we explicitly committed to Belizean nationalism as opposed to black nationalism. [...]

Justification, obfuscation, and lies

In these days leading up to Pen Cayetano’s Black History Month event in Dangriga, we have been reflecting at the editorial desk on our 48-year history at Kremandala, and on the socio-cultural-economic situation which existed in [...]

Pro-American politics in Belize – a brief history

“A meeting called by the Freedom Committee of New York, at the Fort George Hotel on Monday, September 15, ended in fisticuffs, after Rae Lightburn, Manager of The Belize Times, refused to abide by the ruling [...]

The limits of PUP and UDP

Belize is a unique and beautiful country, very attractive to visitors and retirees. Our native population, however, is largely marginalized economically, and all the economic indicators have been negative for many, many months. A matter of [...]