Belize Defence Force Math (101)

I write as a concerned parent of an officer of the Belize Defence Force, who wakes up on a daily basis to serve and lead the men and women, who are charged with protecting the sovereignty [...]

Vote-buying and democracy

Dear Editor, There is a reason vote-buying is illegal in every democracy — because it usurps democracy and encourages the rule of the well-resourced – - the rich or the 1-percent. Politicians in the developing world [...]

GST harassment

Dear Editor, Yesterday, a good friend and brother of mine who is in the same industry as I am was “dragged” to court, according to the media, to answer to charges of failure to properly display [...]

Male suicide

Dear Editor, I am an Irishman who loves Belizean folk and my connection was initiated by an investment in Belize. As was the case when I first invested, my group of investors put Belize people at [...]

A call for the death penalty for renegade officers

Dear Editor, Our culture is simply that we must respect the uniform. It’s simple: “Thank-you Officer;” “Yes, Officer;” “No, Officer!” ALWAYS respect and obey the uniform. Equally, this respect must also be earned by each and [...]

UB students write

Dear Editor, With the latest spike of violence that has caused a disheartening increase in the deaths of children, Belize is yet faced with the stark reality that there remains an inefficient and ineffective manner in [...]

Life after Trump’s election and what it might mean for Belize!

Dear Editor, There are many more questions raised than answered after the US Presidential election and what they will mean for Belize, the Belizean Diaspora and our neighbors in Central-America. Most of us in Belize have [...]

Adolphus A. Rosales writes on the 13th Senator

Dear Editor, Kindly allow me space in your valuable newspaper to draw attention to the Governor General, Minister Dean O. Barrow and those advocating a 13th Senator. I personally opined that the stipulation is repetitive and [...]

Remembering those who served and those who paid the ultimate price

Dear Editor, November 11, is the day the world sets aside to say thanks and to remember all who served in the armed forces and other efforts to defend their country’s cause. This day is the [...]

Are we guinea pigs?

Dear Editor, It was reported last week that the Ministry of Health wants to give HPV vaccines to four thousand four hundred Standard IV female students. The Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero, quoted the [...]