Thanks for your candor, Gaspar!

Dear Editor, I’m referring here to the resignation of Gaspar Vega, former Deputy Prime Minister of the UDP and the protagonist in the latest scandal to ooze out of the GOB. I actually had to read [...]

Chan Pine Ridge to celebrate their “Cabo de Año” under Minister Aragon

Dear Editor, In November of each year many Christians celebrate the day of the dead and the most revered finados, as known to Catholics. In Chan Pine Ridge Village, which forms a part of the Orange [...]

Am I a reflection of the masses?

17th October, 2016 Dear Editor, I was given an assignment in my Public Administration class at the University of Belize to speak on a public issue affecting the country of Belize. However, I quickly realized that [...]

Teachers’ social activism and education

Dear Editor, So the Peaceful Constructive Belizean Revolution continues. This maturing-adult nation is finding out that democratic governments can be as corrupt as corrupt can be. If change cannot come from the top, then it has [...]

International freelance journalist writes

Dear Editor, Let’s say I am a Belizean student. Let’s say I am six years old. In the future, I will be a part of the progress (or regression) of this country I love. I’ll be: [...]

Political suicide vs moral suicide

Dear Editor, Please allow me space in your widely circulated newspaper to address a major root-cause of rampant crime – CORRUPTION! “Corruption is an insidious plague that has a wide range of corrosive effects on societies. [...]

Blessed Oscar, pray for us!

October 8, 2016 Dear Editor, So the prophets of the Catholic Church in Belize, Bishop Dorick Wright and Auxiliary Bishop Christopher Glancy, have been reined in, sadly by no other than Papal Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Léon [...]

Breaking News! 

Dear Editor, Sealed indictments are being prepared against Belizean politicians! Secret Swiss and Caribbean bank accounts being investigated! Ambiguity discovered in tax-returns! Disgruntled cronies spill the beans! Just kidding! But it’s a thought…. Speaking of the [...]

Maybe if “the elites” went on a diet of Ramen Noodles …

Dear Editor, Although it likes to call itself “The Jewel,” to be completely candid (tourism might suffer a bit) I propose we re-brand the country to be “The Empire of Debt and Illusions.” Elections in Belize [...]

Tony Wright — Belize’s Real Music Ambassador!

Dear Editor, Another successful “Soundfest” was held in the old Belize capital on September 16, 2016, marking the fifteenth annual event, just in time to celebrate Belize’s 35th Independence anniversary. Soundfest 2016 was also complemented by [...]