Give the saint what is due

Dear Editor, In the Bible – MATTHEW 5:23-24 says, “If you bring your gift to the altar, and remember you have something against your brother, leave your gift at the altar and go and reconcile with [...]

Neri to Hilly

#191 Lords Bank Village Belize District Belize, C.A. Neri O. Briceño August 21, 2016 Hilly Martinez President Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association Belize City Belize, Central America SUBJECT: Belize Olympic Selection Rio Dear Mr. President: [...]

Big up, Lord Rhaburn: Alfonso C.

Dear Editor, It was with great joy that Belize welcomed the great news on a special edition to celebrate BELIZE MUSICIANS PAST AND PRESENT, their 22 years on the air, by our very own hero, Lord [...]

Neri writes Thomas Bach

#191 Lords Bank Village Email: neriobriceno@btl.net Neri O. Briceño July 4, 2016 Thomas Bach President International Olympics Committee Chateau de Vidy Case Postale 356 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland SUBJECT: Belize Olympic Selection Rio Dear Mr. President: I [...]

Love life! Drive well!  

Dear Editor, Get in the car. Settle yourself comfortably in the seat and buckle up! Say to yourself each time you get into your vehicle: “I am going to be the BEST driver on earth today!” [...]

Neri Briceño challenges BOCGA’s Giovanni Alamilla

12 February 2017 Giovanni Alamilla Treasurer Belize Olympic & Commonwealth Games Association Belize City SUBJECT: Open Letter Dear Mr. Alamilla, Belize is a very small country and inevitably everything is either interconnected by family, culture, place [...]

Drums of my Fathers

 Beat on! Drum on! – E. R. Cayetano Benque Viejo Del Carmen Cayo District February 7, 2017 Dear Editor, On the occasion of Black History Month and the tribute to Evan X Hyde, I made it [...]

Letter to the Editor: On the Passing of their Great Leader Fidel Castro

“A revolution is not a bed of roses. It is a battle between the future and the past,” said Fidel Castro. Exquisite words of wisdom from the mouth of an experienced leader and revolutionary figure. That [...]

Advice to GOB for raising revenue

Dear Editor, Methinks that a good way for GOB to raise revenues is by applying a low-import duty, e.g. 2 to 5%, on those articles that come in absolutely free of import duty. Cooking oil, stoves, [...]

Where are the strong visionary leaders?

Editor Amandala Sir, Where are the strong visionary leaders like George C. Price, Eric Williams, Michael Manley, Linden F.S. Burnham, Fidel Castro, Cesar Chavez, Evo Morales, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, et al? Most of the leaders [...]