Letter to the Editor: Even the Vatican…

Dear Editor, Belizeans must be among the most charitable and patient people on earth for putting up with the charade that describes politics in Belize. While it’s always a good idea to live in the present [...]

Letter to the Editor: Fix Moho Street, says handicapped California Dangrigan

Ruth E Martinez 545 Blooming Av. #306 Rialto CA 92376 Dear Mayor Francis Humphreys, Dangriga Town Council, I left Dangriga, Belize on August 10th, 1960, and the streets were not paved. Then after 56 years and [...]

Letter to the Editor: Belize and the global hegemonic dance

Dear Editor, We live in a time of global change. The dominance of European over global affairs is waning. Islamic terroism, racial inequities, world trade, financial markets and military prowess are supporting historic geopolitical shifts. Islamic [...]

Letter to the Editor: Belizeans, let’s have a plebiscite

Dear Editor, Has Belize done everything reasonably possible to buttress its case against Guatemala’s ever shifting claims to its territory? Guatemala found its claims upon a theory known in international law as utipossidetis, or “as you [...]

Letter to the Editor: Dismembering The Jewel

Dear Editor, Recently, I have been thinking of something my mother used to tell us as children when an object of value fell and broke. She would say, “Save the pieces”. Looking back I think her [...]

Letter to the Editor: Fool’s paradise …

Dear Editor, China has just said it will reject and ignore a ruling at the International Court in The Hague regarding its territorial claims in the South China Sea, which was not in its favour, and [...]

Letter to the Editor: BQ, Jr. answers Norman

Dear Editor, During my perusal of the online edition of your publication, I came across the feature article dated 29 June 2016, entitled “When will Belizeans/New Yorkers take a stand?” by Norman Fairweather. With your permission, [...]

Is England our friend?

Dear Editor, The Caribbean and the world have discussed Brexit. Some of our eminent thinkers have argued that Britain is leaving the European Union because it in their national interest. Whether it be to control immigration, [...]

Ambassador of Brazil writes

Dear Editor, I write in regards to an article published in the Sunday, 5 July 2016, edition of Amandala. The article, a CubaNews translation by Walter Lippmann, is entitled “Brazil : the southern giant will have [...]

Czarnecki’s return

Dear Editor, Today’s headline carried the story of this poor delusional woman who —the inevitable “next time” her so called boyfriend goes ballistic (his history of abusing women guarantees there will be a next time) — [...]