Washington’s hands

May 17, 2016 Dear Editor Amandala, Sir, The campaign waged against Belize through the international press couldn’t have been done without the consent and support of the “Friends of Guatemala and Belize.” This has been an [...]

Barney, Perle, Marie and Bill

Dear Editor, Marie Knowles was the sister of Bill Belisle, saxaphonist with the original Messengers. Both Bill and Marie were adopted or raised by Barney Cervantes and Perle Kemp, good citizens and productive people. Barney and [...]

Big up, Lorenzo A. Aldana

Thurs. May 19, 2016  To all Conscious Belizeans, Recently, we have been living a tense life with Guatemala breathing fear on Belizeans (well, at least the majority of the population). We recognize that Guatemala has a [...]

“ … not a problem for brave leaders, and knowledgeable nationals.”

Sun. May 15, 2016 Dear Editor, National parks should not extend to our international borders. I’ve heard it said that, “Business is not the good thing or the bad thing. It’s the necessary thing”. To that [...]

Letter to the Editor: Unsung Belizean heroes

May 8, 2016 Dear Editor:         Whenever we hear the term “hero”, we often times think of someone who’s strong and powerful that comes dashing through the air at high speed racing to help someone, [...]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – Belizean feminism: trapped in the womb

Editor Amandala, Sir, We celebrate women when we think of them as mothers. A woman’s uterus becomes her entire humanity. She is glorified for giving birth and for working endlessly for her partner and children. After [...]

Letter to the Editor: Let us organize a massive protest …

Dear Editor, Fellow Belizeans you are aware that the present political system of one party rule is against our national interest. It has left the Belizean people with only two alternatives – unconditional submission to the [...]

Letter to the Editor: Shoulder to shoulder!

Dear Editor, Belize last faced a major military threat from Guatemala in 1977, when approximately 8,000 to 10, 000 troops amassed on the border in preparation for an impending invasion. The British troops stationed in Belize [...]

Letter to the Editor: Eggs and tomatoes

Dear Sir, Throwing eggs or tomatoes at politicians perceived as having behaved badly is Britain’s most traditional form of political protest. In Belize, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is our nation’s Head of State, [...]

Letter to the Editor: Strike out and swim to shore: Beryl

April 24, 2016 Dear Editor, All life is sacred. Yet Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales makes a mockery of life; no surprise considering his country’s atrocious human rights violations against its own people. The fate of 13 [...]