Rosales to Sedi: why take us there?

Dear Editor, As in the past, please accord me space in your valuable newspaper to direct an “OPEN LETTER” to the people and Government of Belize, in particular our Foreign Minister and relative to Guatemala’s unfounded [...]

Not only academics, but creativity

Life’s happiness lies in nothing but in love. Where do you go to express yourself? Somewhere near the sun, far in the distance. Fading away all our lives, doesn’t it sound so sad? Dear Editor, Today [...]

Problem starts with UNICEF and other NGO’s

Belize, 18th June 2016 Editor Amandala Dear Editor, It is a great disappointment to hear that a 15-year- old minor is a suspect to a police investigation in a shooting incident. To make matters worse, it [...]

What is our security in Arenal?

Dear Editor, With great worry I am writing you with hope that our country knows of what the village of Arenal had been through. I want to write about two incidents that happened in the village [...]

Who was behind the raid on the Ahmads?

Dear Editor, As I write this letter, I am fully aware that my family or any Muslim family in Belize, for that matter, could be next. For those of you who are not aware, on Monday, [...]

A tribute to Ibagari

Dear Editor, A Belize audio Cd titled “Ibagari: Portraits of Garifuna Lifecycle in Song” was released three years ago in June 2013 and available online at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. That audio Cd now has [...]

Letter to the Editor: Why?

Why did our Prime Minister after reading the letter sent to him by the Leader of the Opposition advising that the PUP intended to use the opportunity to internationalize Guatemala’s arrogation and annexation of the Sarstoon [...]

Clarification from Glenda Parham

Dear Editor, I write in regards to an article in the Sunday, June 5, 2016 Amandala. The article is entitled “Belize experienced its first act of Guatemalan terrorism on May 2, 1998” and is written by Micah Goodin. [...]

Ali at the Newtown Club

Dear Editor, Permit me to add a few words to the account of Muhamad Ali’s visit to Belize. The evening he was a guest at the Newtown Club he would not have any of the liquids available. My wife [...]

Letter to the Editor: Beryl focuses on Part V of the 2001 Legal Opinion

June 15, 2016 Dear Editor, It was with great alarm that I read in both Channel 5 and Channel 7’s online news transcripts today that, regarding the Sarstoon River, Guatemala now deems it necessary to start [...]