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Considering Chalillo  in 2004



Much concern has been raised, both verbal and written, regarding the go-ahead for the Fortis Dam in the Macal River Valley of Belize. Of paramount importance is the effect it will have in damaging the environment – tropical rainforest and rare animal species that make it their home. On the other hand, very little has been said about the effect that flooding 1000 hectares of rainforest could have on “yet to be discovered” Mayan archaeological sites.

The only thing that might stop the Chalillo Dam, even though the project has begun, would be a “last hour” discovery of an ancient Mayan site somewhere within the endangered flood area!

This is the conclusion made in my recent novel, “The Thirteenth Disciple”, first published in Germany in 2000 and more recently re-published in English in 2003.

Although historically correct, with some fictionalized characters and events, the story concludes with the discovery of the burial tomb and remains of a Mayan King in the year 2005, by archaeologists somewhere in the rainforest of Belize. Perhaps even in the Macal River Valley!

I am sending you my novel (apart from its entertainment value) in the hope you will re-emphasize the need for a more comprehensive effort being placed on scouring those jungle hectares for possible Mayan ruins, before the water buries them for all time!


Larry H. Robinson
Author, The Thirteenth Disciple
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Edmonton, Alberta
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Encl: March 26/2004

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