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Two charged for Chryslin Gladden’s horrible murder

BELIZE CITY—Belize City police have charged two persons, a man and a teenage girl, for the shocking murder of Chryslin Gladden, 16, a recent graduate of Wesley College high school, whose body was discovered on Saturday morning, August 2, beside a grave in the Lord Ridge Cemetery.

The female minor and the adult man, Clement Bol, Jr., 23, did not have to enter a plea when they appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith, who arraigned them on the single count of murder this morning.

Smith remanded them to prison until their next court appearance on September 5, 2014.

When he was being led into the police vehicle that would take him to the Belize Central Prison, Bol shouted out to one of his friends that “da one man snitch.”

In the initial stage of their investigation, police had taken one of their officers into custody for questioning. The police officer, however, was cleared and was released from custody.

Late yesterday, Tuesday, August 5, police confirmed, in an unusual press release, that they had arrested and charged the female minor.

According to police sergeant Roberto Novelo, who briefed reporters on Tuesday about the arrests, the motive for the savage murder of the promising teenager “was jealousy and hatred.”

The accused minor, who is also a graduate of Wesley College high school, has had various run-ins with the murder victim, Gladden, who was one of her classmates.

Both of them were observed on surveillance cameras walking on Central American Boulevard on Friday night when Gladden did not return to her Neal Pen Road home.

Early on Saturday morning, Gladden’s body was discovered with multiple stab wounds in the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Police also recovered a 10-inch kitchen knife that they believe was the murder weapon used to stab Gladden to death.

A man who was said he was in the cemetery in an intoxicated state claims to have witnessed the stabbing. He told a neighbor that he had seen when a car pulled up at the cemetery and the young woman got out and an argument ensued between her and a man.

According to the alleged witness’s account, the man stabbed Gladden in her back and she screamed out for help. The man stabbed her again, dragged her into the cemetery and finished his grisly work. He then wiped the bloody knife on his clothing, but in so doing, the knife fell from his hand and he couldn’t find it in the dark.

The knife later was recovered by police while processing the crime scene the following morning.

The witness told a neighbor who lives on the edge of the cemetery that he attempted to alert police to the murder, but because he was intoxicated, the police dismissed him and also threatened to arrest him.

Gladden was an only child of her mother and the honor student had just gotten money from her mother that same Friday to register for classes at the University of Belize.

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