Sports — 10 January 2018 — by Santino “Chief” Castillo
Chief Thursday Race results – January 4

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. Jan. 4, 2018– The first Thursday Race of 2018 started at 6:00 a.m. in cold weather accompanied by a strong head wind on the way to Hattieville.

The field looked big; but it was only 23 riders.

By the time we got to the 6-Mile bridge, a break had formed by 6 riders, including 3 Benny’s – Popie, Mark Staine and Nashen Ysaguirre – along with Ernest Bradley, Tariq Leslie and the Black Rocket – Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph.

By the time we got to Hattieville and returned to the City in a tailwind, Quinton had organized a chase with speeds in excess of 30 mph.  Five miles after that, and upon reaching Mile 10, the carnage was clear, as the peloton was reduced to about 10 riders.

At Mile 9, going over that piece of gravel, and with only 3 “B” riders left in the race, I got a puncture, which was my 3rd in the last 3 races. =Ø!Þ  Nonetheless, my teammate, “Beto” Acosta secured the 1st “B” prize.  Unfortunately, he had to hurriedly leave for work, so I did not get a pic of him on the podium for the 1st “B.”

At this juncture, I have to BIG-UP Hijo (Herman Requena), who replicated his feat of last week, being the only rider from the peloton that managed to get across to the front group of 6, securing 5th Place for himself.

The sprint was a NO CONTEST, as Palas, who now goes by the moniker of the “Black Rocket,” easily won the sprint for both 1st Elite and 1st Weekend Warrior “A” rider; in 2nd Place was Tariq Leslie, just 18 years old and fresh on the Elite scene, who also rode an impressive Krem Classic, coming in 11th.  Nashen Ysaguirre secured 3rd Place, while Mark Staine was 4th, and Hijo, as I said, rounded out the top 5.

Congrats to all winners and finishers!  See you next week again.

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