Headline — 06 January 2015 — by Kareem Clarke
“Chino,” 51, stabbed 42 times as he slept

ORANGE WALK–Just a few hours before the dawn of the New Year, a very brutal and bloody murder occurred in which the victim was mercilessly stabbed over 40 times at a house on Fonseca Street in Orange Walk Town.

According to police, at around 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, December 31, Miguel Moises Medina, 51, also known as “Chino”, was drinking with a group of friends when they got into a fight, and he was later stabbed a total of 42 times in the stomach, chest, neck, face, arms and back as he slept on a sponge inside a concrete structure belonging to one of his associates, Rodrigo Ayuso.

Police were called, but by the time they arrived, Medina – a resident of Guyana Street in Orange Walk – had already died on the spot, and since then, investigators have been trying to find out why Medina’s companions attacked him so viciously.

“Acting upon information, Orange Walk police visited Fonseca Street at the residence of Juan Rodrigo Ayuso. Inside the house, they saw a male Hispanic person lying down motionless. He was covered with a sheet. Upon uncovering him, it was observed that he had several stab wounds to his stomach, left and right side of his chest, left side of his neck, both hands and as well as his back. Initial investigations revealed that Medina was socializing with several persons at the said area, and they had a misunderstanding which resulted in his death. So far, police have 2 persons in custody in relation to this report. As far as we know, they were friends. If there were any other relations, I cannot say at this moment”, said ASP Selvin Tillett, the Deputy Officer Commanding Orange Walk Police, in an interview with Amandala today.

Neighbors told us that Medina met his death at a place that was considered his “hangout” spot, and that Medina and his friends are known to regularly interact and drink “strong rum,” although there were reports that other illegal substances were also used at the small house that he frequented.

The victim’s family confirmed that Medina, the father of one son, suffered from alcoholism, and relatives believe he was held down by one of the perpetrators, while another inflicted the multiple stab wounds which killed him.

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