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City weekend mayhem – 12 shot, 2 dead

Gunman shot 2 in Muñoz Alley; one died, but other victim killed the shooter

Deadly violence from gangland shooters continues to rock the mean streets of the city. This time it was Majestic Alley figure Lincoln “Kilo Boy” Allen, 39, the father of 11 children with ages 3 months to 17 years, well known to police, who lived in the Majestic Alley hutments of the city.

The shooting was the third in a record weekend that saw 12 people shot in the city in different shooting incidents, with two dead and a number of victims in critical condition.

A gunman approached Allen, listed as a laborer by police, in Muñoz Alley, in the same vicinity as Majestic Alley, and shot him in the head and mouth at about 1:34 Saturday morning, February 16.

Also dead is Allen’s shooter, Devon Dean Saldano, 23, of a West Street address, who was shot in the back of the head by someone he shot and injured — Derek Cervantes, who was in Allen’s company.

Police say that they found Saldano’s body about two feet away from Allen’s body.

Police later went to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where they saw Derek Cervantes with a gunshot wound in the chest.

Their initial investigations reveal that around 1:30 that Saturday morning, Cervantes was talking with Allen in Munoz Alley when two men came up, and one of the attackers opened fire at them.

Cervantes was hit in the chest and Allen was hit in the mouth, and they both went down. The gunman then went to Allen and shot him in the back of the head as he lay on the ground.

Cervantes pretended to be dead, and seconds later, was able to take out his 9mm pistol, which is licensed, police say, and shot the gunman in the back of the head.

The gunman died almost immediately, and he was later identified as Devon Dean Saldano. The attacker who had accompanied him to the scene of the shooting had managed to escape.

The bodies of both Allen and Saldano were taken to the KHMH, where they were pronounced dead on arrival. Cervantes, on the other hand, is in critical condition in the hospital. Police recovered six 9mm expended shells and one licensed Glock 17, 9mm pistol with an empty magazine, belonging to Cervantes, from the scene of the crime.

Joan Sankey, Allen’s mother, said that she knew the man who shot her son, because she and his mother are friends, and cook food together for sale. When she went to the morgue to see her son, he was on the bottom tray and his killer was on the top tray, she said.

Sankey said that she was at home when she got a call about 6:00 that Saturday morning, telling her that her son was dead. She said that she did not cry, as she was expecting his death because of the type of life he had lived. She had expected that he would be killed, but now that it has happened, it still hurts, she said.

Sankey said she had encountered her son’s killer about two weeks ago when she had gone to George Street to visit her friend, his mother, but she was not at home. Saldano had opened the door, and when she asked him if he knew her, he had replied that he did, but that his mother was not at home.

Allen’s wife of 14 years, Natalie Pou Allen, the mother of six of his children, said that dealing with his death will be difficult for her.

She said that at about 2:00 that Saturday morning, she was at home sleeping when one of her friends came to her house, woke her up, and told her that Kilo Boy (Allen) had been killed, and was in the alley. She immediately went to the area and saw him on the ground, with a gunshot wound on the chin. He was already dead.

She said that near him was the man who had shot him, and he was also dead. She has gotten some justice, because the person who shot her breadwinner is himself dead, she said.

She said that earlier, her husband was at the Chon Saan Restaurant, at the corner of Majestic Alley and North Front Street, drinking, and when she sent for him to come home, he had replied that he was waiting for someone, and that she should not lock the door. Pou said that this was about half an hour past midnight.

She waited for him, but he never came, and she went to bed. Shortly after, she said, she was awakened and given the tragic news.

Allen’s sister, Nicole, said that she had not expected the death of her brother, and she will miss him.

Allen’s father said, however, that he will not shed a tear, because he had advised his son to get out of the life of violence, and gangs, and that he had seen his death coming.

His son had told him that men were threatening him, and that they were after him to kill him. The father said that he was at home that Saturday morning when a police officer came and told him that his son had been killed, and that he was at the morgue.

Allen’s father said that he felt numb, but had no tears. Lincoln was the eldest of his five children, and he will nevertheless miss him.

Lincoln “Kilo Boy “Allen, 39, is survived by his 11 children, including Nishan, Kia, Lincoln, Journey, Kabey, and Atianna. He is also survived by his wife, Natalie Pou Allen; his mother, Joan Sankey; father, Lincoln Allen, Sr.; three sisters, Nicole, Pearline and Narette; one brother, Delroy; his uncle and a host of relatives and friends.

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