Letters — 29 April 2017
Claims allegation against Benny’s Kitchen is malicious

April 24, 2017

The Editor Amandala

Dear Sir,
My attention has been drawn to an article appearing on page 22 of the Amandala dated Friday, April 21st., 2017. The article is headed “The 2017 saga of San Jose Succotz” and is “contributed” by an anonymous person.

The anonymous writer makes the bold assertion that “for all intents and purposes”, the present Village Council has delivered the Village Central Plaza to some private business people to build a private museum. Now these business people are intent on destroying the “people’s culture – customs and traditions.”

At the very end of the article the writer alleges by innuendo and implication that the restaurant business called Benny’s Kitchen is involved in the takeover of the “historic” Village Central Plaza for the building of a private museum.
“Village officials and councilors should not allow themselves to be told what to do. They are just the guardians of village public assets. Not even higher officials have the right to sell or give away village property. If Benny’s Kitchen has the funds, they should find a place where they can run their private museum.”
Mr. Editor, I, Benigno Chan, am the proprietor of the business Benny’s Kitchen. My restaurant is a popular eating place in San Jose Succotz. Belizeans from all over the country come to my establishment to enjoy delicious food and fresh drinks in a pleasant atmosphere.
I want it to be known that neither I nor my restaurant, Benny’s Kitchen, is involved in any project to take over the Village Central Plaza or to destroy the people’s culture.
Any such suggestion as alluded to in the article published in your newspaper is a complete fabrication perpetrated by someone driven by a malicious intent to harm my business.
I do not wish to sue the Amandala for this defaming of my business because I honestly believe if you were aware that the allegation is totally false you would not have published it. All I ask is that you retract the imputation against my business by publishing this letter.

Yours faithfully,
Benigno Chan

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