Headline — 29 November 2017 — by Albert J. Ciego
Clinton Arthur Davis, 54, murdered

The real estate agent’s body was found decomposing on his property. There were savage injuries to his head, throat and chest.

MILE 5, GEORGE PRICE HIGHWAY, Belize City, Mon. Nov. 27, 2017–The wife of real estate agent Clinton Arthur Davis, 54, and the couple’s four children, got the sad news at about 11:30 on Friday morning that the land consultant of Mile 5, George Price Highway, who had gone missing recently, was dead.

The owner of Davis Beach was found in a pool of water on his beach property. A bad odor emanating from the area caused a worker of the nearby Old Belize Marina to look across to the adjacent Davis Beach, where he saw the body floating in the water.

Police were alerted and they went to the scene and secured the area, after which an onsite autopsy was carried out. After the autopsy, Davis was buried on his property.

Davis’ children said that they last saw him at about 11:30 Tuesday morning, buying food items at the Michael Finnegan Market, presumably to take home. He never arrived.

Davis’ family said that he had been receiving threats recently, so they were extremely concerned when they went to the police and reported him missing on Friday morning. Shortly after the missing person report was made, the corpse was found.

During a police press brief held this morning at the Racoon Street Police Station, ASP Alejandro Cowo, Commander of Crimes Investigation, said that the corpse was seen with injuries to the head and chest, and police are convinced that he was murdered.

Police believe that Davis was killed elsewhere, and then his body was taken to his property and thrown into the pool of water.

A number of persons, including one of his brothers, were detained and questioned by police, but all of them were released over the weekend, we were told.

Cowo said that another man, who they believe can help them with the investigation, was detained this morning.

Cowo said that as early as Tuesday night, they were alerted about a body that was seen from the nearby roadside, and they went to the area and searched, but nothing was found.

Some members of the Davis family say that police were mistaken to detain his brother. While there was some evidence of a land dispute between them for almost thirty years, they say that the relationship between the brothers had never deteriorated to the point at which Davis’ own brother would have wanted to kill him.

However, Davis’ wife doesn’t share that opinion, and believes that he was murdered because of the land dispute. She told Channel 5 tonight that his forehead had been bashed in and a stick was found thrust down his throat.

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