Sports — 05 April 2016
Coby gives sports equipment to Winty J

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Mar. 30, 2016–He is a really humble, cool brother, but Evondale “Coby” Coburn, who makes annual trips back to his old home town, Belize City, believes that a lot more could be done to help the situation of youths through sports if more Belizeans, especially former sportsmen and women living abroad, would chip in with a little help for sporting programs in the Jewel. “I need to challenge these guys, to let them understand that these kids are not asking for any handouts; they just need an opportunity.”

On his trip back home for the Easter holidays, Coby brought a bunch of brand new sporting equipment which he handed this morning to sport/culture icon Vincent “Winty J” Johnson, who presently resides in Mahogany Heights. Included in two nylon sacks were eleven pairs of football boots, 4 footballs, 1 basketball, 4 training cones, a ball pump with two needles, a game whistle, and a ball control “Soccer Trainer” kit, all brand new.

Receiving the gifts, a delighted Winty J said, “Give thanks, man; those youths will be happy this evening.”

Last year, Coby brought a similar bunch of sports equipment for Jerome “Peeloff” Meheia of Yabra Sporting Club.

Coby said he will be back in Belize in June of this year for the “8th Annual COBY 3 on 3 Knockout Tournaments” for “12 & Under 14 & Under and 16 & Under” which is sponsored by COBY Foundation in collaboration with FIBA 33 Youth Basketball. (More on that later)

Asked how he got in touch with Winty J, Coby said they go way back.

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