Letters — 17 January 2018
Continuing water crisis in Hopkins

Dear Editor,

Hopkins Water Board once again tells lies: they say there is no water problem in Hopkins. Years of no water during peak tourist season — there is a major problem in Hopkins. There is no water!

The North End has never got in water for months on end. I would think not having water to flush a toilet, to bathe your baby, to take a shower, to wash dishes, clothes with, is a problem. Why are they denying that there is a problem? We cannot live without water.

Businesses are being forced to buy water from the truck from Hopkins Bay; they are charging 15 cents a gallon. When the truck breaks down, there is no source of water at any price, and they don’t see this as a problem?

This issue is a major problem; it needs to be addressed by the government and our Prime Minister. Our village is being denied water on a daily basis. The mother board keeps denying there’s a problem.

How much money is in their pockets to say something like this?

Tricia Wipfler

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