Crime — 16 May 2014 — by Rowland A. Parks
Convict Denfield Lemoth adds 2 more years to his prison time

A Belize City man who is serving a 12-year sentence in prison, received two more years of jail time when he pleaded guilty to one count of theft which he reportedly committed a year ago.

Denfield Lemoth, who had initially pleaded not guilty to the charge, changed his plea to guilty, when he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano today, after waiting for more than a year for his day in court.

Lemoth has been accused of stealing a wallet from Errol Belisle. The incident occurred on April 13, 2013, while Belisle was making a purchase at a Chinese shop on Racoon Street.

According to the evidence presented in court, Belisle had his wallet, which contained $800, his social security card, driver’s license and bank ATM card, in a backpack.

Just as Belisle was walking out of the store, he felt someone touch his backpack. And when he turned around, he came face to face with Lemoth, who had unzipped his backpack and taken out his wallet.

But when he confronted Lemoth and told him to give him back his wallet, Lemoth refused. Instead of giving back Belisle his wallet, Lemoth walked out of the store and was making haste to leave the area.

He was, however, intercepted by a police mobile unit that was in the area.

Belisle had given the police in the mobile a description of the person who had stolen his wallet out of his backpack.

Lemoth, when he saw the police mobile, ran into a nearby yard, but he was caught and the wallet was found in his possession.

Magistrate Dale Cayetano sentenced him to serve two years in prison for this incident.

Lemoth was first convicted, however, before the Chief Magistrate for a similar offence of dishonesty and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Last year, Lemoth was also convicted of burglary and sentenced to serve five years in prison.

Cayetano stipulated that the sentence is to run consecutively to the sentence he is presently serving; hence he will have to serve two more years in addition to the 12 years he is currently serving.

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