General — 24 January 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

3 hurt, parked car damaged, and food stall wrecked

A vehicle collision in Corozal has left three people injured, damaged a car and a food stall.

Angel Patt, 34, a construction worker of 3rd Street South in Santa Rita Area, Corozal Town, told police that the rear wheel of his vehicle became jammed in the drain when he was turning into 5th Street, from 3rd Street.

He stepped on the accelerator, causing the vehicle to lurch forward, but when he tried to stop on the side of 5th Street, into which he had just turned, he stepped on the gas instead of the brakes, colliding with a grey Mercedes Benz that was parked on the street-side, causing it to slam into three people who were on the sidewalk at the time. Patt then lost control of the vehicle and ran into a food stall.

The incident occurred about 9:40 yesterday morning.

The three persons hurt are Solemi Novelo, 17, of Concepcion, who sustained a swollen right hand and complained of pain in her right knee and right ankle; Janira Gamboa, 21, a sales clerk of Concepcion who sustained abrasions to both elbows and complained of back pain; and Alexandra J. Noble, a month-and-a- half-year-old baby, who was in the arms of her mother, Janira Gamboa. The baby suffered a laceration on her right panetal area. The group was rushed to the Corozal Hospital, where they are receiving medical treatment for the injuries.

The Mercedes Benz, which was parked on the roadside, received extensive damages to the front portion. The car is owned by Ruben Menjivar, 39, a driver of Ranchito.

Police said that medico forms were issued for Solemi Novelo, Alexandra J. Noble and Janira Gamboa. All their injuries were certified as “harm”.

A Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) was served to Angel Patt.

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