General — 09 May 2018 — by News Analysis by Rowland A. Parks
Councilor Micah Goodin hangs up on Amandala

BELIZE CITY, Fri. May 4, 2018– On Thursday morning, as he was leaving the studios of the KREM WUB morning show, we asked Belize City mayor Bernard Wagner to comment on councilor Micah Goodin’s social media post on Monday. Mayor Wagner directed us to Councilor Goodin, who, he said, had made the social media post.

After we made several attempts to call him, Goodin finally answered his cell phone this afternoon, and when he was told that we wanted to ask him about his Facebook post, he replied, “Hold on.”

Then there was a click, and the line went dead.

The phone immediately rang when the number was dialed again, but this time, there was no answer.

In his missive, Goodin, who has demonstrated a patent disregard for authority and has in the past attacked the past PUP leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca, thanked Belize City voters for electing him on March 7. “However, I will not be seeking re-election in 2021. Additionally, I am contemplating resignation,” he went on to say.

Councilor Goodin went on to say, “I have lost all confidence in Mayor Bernard Wagner. He does not listen. He does not take advice. I am elected and I feel powerless.”

Councilor Goodin, among whose portfolio is Youth, goes on to lament that he is “unable to achieve the vision I have for the young people of Belize City.”

In our investigation of the circumstances that led to Councilor Goodin’s outburst, Amandala has learned that he approached Mayor Wagner and wanted to be given cash to assist some residents of the Fort George constituency.

Mayor Wagner advised him as to the procedure for such a request. That approach, however, appeared not to have been met with councilor Goodin’s approval, and he stormed out of the Mayor’s office, throwing a tantrum, some of which he articulated in his Facebook post.

“We were elected on the platform of social infrastructure, but the mayor has apparently abandoned that ideology only days after tasting power,” Councilor Goodin concluded in his Facebook post. He later took down his personal account.

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