Sports — 20 August 2016 — by Peter A. Young
Cricket Corner: Easy Does It wins over Excellence

BELIZE CITY, Wed. Aug. 17, 2016–Hello, readers, players and fans of this well-loved sport, cricket. Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2016 Competition continued over the weekend. Thanks to this year’s sponsors, Smart and Belikin!

Well, on August 13, fans and supporters of the game headed to the beautiful village of Lemonal to watch the first of a three-game series for the championship between home team Easy Does It and visiting team Excellence of Double Head. The game should have started at 10:30 a.m., but, because it rained earlier, play time was put off ‘till about 12:30 p.m.

Before I continue, I want to refresh your mind about team Easy Does It. Looking at the members of the team, if you are not familiar with the team, you will not believe that they are back-to-back champions. The players are in no way boastful. The manager/coach, Mr. Michael Muslar told me one day that his team does not talk cricket. They play cricket. That statement must not be taken lightly, because this information, put in a nutshell, speaks highly of their performance and achievements. In 2014, Easy Does It defeated Brilliant in two games to win the championship. In 2015, they defeated Wicked 11 in three games to win the champ. In 2016, they are one win away from making them a three-peat.

Don’t forget that Lemonal has always shared in villages that produced champions of cricket. Remember Surprise? They had won championships in their days. They were back-to-back champs too. There are players that were part of Surprise team on the present team now.

Let’s get to the day’s event. Easy Does It took to bat first, and this is the way wickets fell for runs. 1 for 7; 2 for 19; 3 for 28; 4 for 56; 5 for 62; 6 for 68; 7 for 94. These wickets and scores zig-zagged like Hurricane Earl.  Then the 8th man went in, and the wind took a more controllable trend. For when another wicket fell, the score.was at 148. Then 9 for 216; and all for 228. I guess the bowling for Excellence just wasn’t up to par. In that inning, Jarvis Reynolds top scored with 53.  Ian Broaster took 4 of the Easy Boys’ wickets.

As you looked around during a short break, disappointment could be seen on the faces of players and fans of Team Excellence.  After the break, Excellence went to bat with strong hopes and feelings that the Easy Boys’ score will be beaten. Well, from the onset, things were not that easy for them. With the ever so stylish and precise bowling of left handed Orlando Banner, it was plain to the very large crowd of fans, families and spectators that this game was for the Easy Boys. Wickets started falling in this order: 1 for 0; 2 for 35; 3 for 44; 4 for 47; 5 for 48; 6 for 49; 7 for 49; 8 for 77; 9 for 126; all for 126. In that inning, Kenroy Roca top scored with 31. Orlando Banner took 4 wickets for the home boys.

With that game, Easy Does It is half-way to the finish line. Let us all see if Excellence will be excellent enough to even things up. Best of luck to both teams. I know Excellence will not go down so easily. Even if their comrades have to come in and help.

Until next week. Respect to all. Bye!

Sir. This is just a flash back photo of Micheal Sobers and Zaghi who had helped Sunrise to force a third game in the quarter finals with Easy Does It. Sobers top scored and Zaghi took most wickets. Thanks friend. Plz confirm.

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