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Cricket Corner – Easy Does It lost the first to Summer Fever

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. June 22, 2017–Blessed greetings to all! Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the Harrison Parks 2017 Cricket Competition continues in high gear, thanks to our kind sponsor, Bowen and Bowen. On Saturday, spectators and listeners heard and saw three-time champ Easy Does It lose the first game in the semifinals against young upstart, Summer Fever. Before continuing, please be reminded that during the regular competition, Summer Fever had lost the two games, home and away, to Easy Does It. Will time repeat itself? Read on, and find out how the game played and finished.

Easy Does It took to bat first, and at the fall of the first wicket, 28 was scored. Then the second fell for 68. It started to look good for the champs; but the bowling changed, and wickets started to fall in this order: 3 for 72; 4 for 75; 5 for 85; 6 for 95; 7 for 96; 8 for 97; 9 for 100.  All for 101. The super hands of Jermaine Baizar took a toll on the Easy batsmen by taking 5 big wickets. Malcolm Reynolds scored 23, followed by Alexander Reynolds with 22 for their team, Easy Does It.

During the lunch break, it started to rain a little. When it was time for the Easy boys to take the field, the pitch was a bit wet. These gentlemen (players) of Easy Does It did their best to dry the pitch in whatever way they could. What a tremendous job they did. All was well, and Summer Fever took to bat. Well, the batsmen took no time to prove to the champs that this is crunch time. At the fall of 5 wickets, the score was beaten. The wickets fell, and runs were scored this way: 1 for 2; 2 for 50; 3 for 53; 4 for 61; 5 for 63. When the 6th man went in, the score was pushed to 102. For Summer Fever, Jermaine Baizar scored 13, and T. Stephenson 14. Herbert Banner took 3 of Fever wickets.

Now, for the Easy boys to stay in and go to the finals, they have to beat Summer Fever two games straight. I am not saying that is too much pressure on the team, because I have seen them come out of similar situations surviving. We will see. Summer Fever team feels much at ease, I guess, by winning the first. Best of luck to both teams! Next game is set for ‘Landing on Saturday, if weather permits.

Now, at Lords Bank, the tie breaker between Excellence and Berlan was played; and Excellence won it handily, by overpowering Berlan, 115 to 114, with 8 wickets to spare. For Berlan, Satish scored 37, and Charles Stamp 18. For Excellence, Ian Broaster scored 39, followed by Kenroy Roca with 39; also, Jamie Martinez took 4 wickets, and Keenan Flowers took 3.

I must say my piece regarding Berlan team. You all have played your hearts out, and went far farther than a lot had expected.  Some mistakes were made along the way, and you know it. Until next season, you have all the time to make amends. Without any fear or favor, I personally congratulate each of you. To the managers, a job well done! You had scared a lot of big guns. Better luck next year!

Excellence will go to Crooked Tree against Brilliant on Saturday for the first of a three-game series in the semifinals. Best of luck, teams! Bye bye. Love and respect to all! .

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