Sports — 23 July 2016 — by Peter A. Young
Cricket Corner – Easy Does It moves on to the semifinals by winning over Sunrise

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 20, 2016–Hello and a pleasant day to all!

Under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the cricket games continued over the weekend. On Saturday at Rancho Dolores, Excellence went up against home team Western Eagles. This is the first of a best-of-three in the semifinals. I must mention that these two always meet, and Excellence has always come out victorious. For this series, let’s see who will win.

To put all in a nut shell, this first game Excellence won, but the Eagles put up a very good fight. Excellence batted first and made 132 runs. However, if the bowling was a bit better, the score would have been smaller. When 6 stumps fell, Excellence had a mere 52 runs. When the last man was in, the score stood at 99. Still, the Eagles allowed so many runs to be added. Well, that is cricket. When you make a mistake, you stand the consequences. In that inning, Brandon Broaster top scored with 55 runs; while Rasheed Broaster of Western Eagles took 3 of Excellence stumps.

After lunch break, Excellence took the field. Well, as hard as the Eagles tried, they just couldn’t push off the strong bowling of Sydney “Brooksie” Martinez, who took 5 wickets, allowing the Eagles to only reach 123. Top scorer of this inning was Jude Joseph, who scored 29.

Just hoping that the Eagles did a good post mortem to find out the cause of their loss, as what I expect all teams do after a game, whether lose or win.  Western Eagles will travel to Double Head to try and tie things up this Saturday. Best of luck!

Well, that was a Saturday out at Rancho. On Sunday, fans again crowded at Rancho to witness an unfinished game between Easy Does It and Sunrise, going up against each other in a tie-breaker.. The game had started the weekend before, but was rained out. Today, the day looked wonderful for cricket. Easy Does It was at bat with one out for twenty six. The game continued. The bowling for Sunrise, I must say, was somewhat impressive; but the batsmen for the Easy boys were taking advantage of any mistake they could find. At the fall of the last wicket, the score stood at 107 runs.  Conway Jones took 4 big stumps, to make him the top bowler. This was not an impressive score to Sunrise. In that inning, Jarvis Reynolds top scored with 17 runs.

After lunch break, Sunrise tried to better the score of Easy Does It, but they fell short, and only scored 91. Jermaine Baizar top scored with 16 runs, while Kenroy Reynolds took 3 wickets.

This game ended, Sunrise tried for the champ. Again, I must give praise to any losing team. This time it is Sunrise. You all played well by defeating many teams to reach this far. I must mention, though, next time you play, don’t labour too much on what obstacles you believe are in your way. By doing that you lose focus on your aim. Better luck next year! Your team will not be the only one to lose. At the end, there will only be one winner.

Easy Does It now goes into the semifinals against Berlan on Saturday at Bermudian Landing.

As I close, players, please display excellent sportsmanship by respecting all.

Good luck to all!

Bye, till next week! Come out and support the team of your choice. LOVE AND RESPECT TO ONE AND ALL!!

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