Sports — 07 November 2014 — by Peter Young
Cricket Corner: Rancho’s shining star

BELIZE CITY–I’ve written a lot of articles about cricket, and who plays best. I was paging through some pictures the other day, and I came across a picture of a man that I do not remember as a cricketer, but I have seen him following Western Eagles Team of Rancho Dolores ever since I was a boy growing up. This man, an excellent man, I must say, is no other than Mr. EULALIO SMITH (LALLY SMITH) of Rancho Dolores Village in the River Valley.

As I said, I have not seen him play the game; but he has sons that have played the game and were very good at it. One is VALENTINE (Tiger Jones) Smith, one of the three fastest and most powerful bowlers in the River Valley. (The next two were Alfred Banner of Surprise  in Lemonal and Charles Adolphus (deceased) of Brilliant in  Crooked Tree.)

Mr. Lally, or “Tates”, is known throughout the River Valley, and is respected by all he comes in contact with. A farmer by profession, I could remember going across the creek where he used to live in Rancho, and he would give me golden plum or oranges. Whatever his farm produces, he gladly shared with villagers. He would sell some too. Wherever Mr. Lally goes, he was always welcome. Never had a bad face showing. Always giving jokes (just as yours truly). He made people laugh, putting them in a most comfortable way.

He has since moved from over the creek and went to live close to one of his daughters, Rose. He received a lot of visitors there. This gentleman has a sweet melodious voice; he could accompany anyone, as he can change his tone to suit anyone.

He is most remembered at wakes, where hymns (Sankey) would be singing. He would be leading the group with his baritone voice. With all his funny jokes and laughter, he was a disciplined man to his children and all children in the village. All his children are well disciplined and served community and country well because of strict discipline and good guidance.

Mr. Lally has travelled all of the villages in the River Valley, and then some. He is not as young and strong as he used to be, but is always ready to entertain or give you advise. God shone his goodness on Mr. Lally for many years and reasons. The biggest one is February, when he will be 102 years young. So, bra Lally, best of health to you, sir. You are loved by all. May the Almighty continue to bless you.

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