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Cricket Corner – Summer Fever forced a playoff with Western Eagles

SportsCricket Corner - Summer Fever forced a playoff with Western Eagles

BELIZE CITY, Thurs. May 18, 2017–Hello to all! The past weekend’s games saw two teams tied with their opponent. Before we start the excitement, let me thank Bowen and Bowen for being our kind sponsor of this year’s season. So, now, under the auspices of the Belize National Cricket Association, the 2017 Harrison Parks Cricket Competition continued. What beautiful games were played!

Let’s go together to the beautiful village of Flowers Bank, the home of Wicked Eleven Cricket Club. This home team has already cleared a spot for the playoffs. They were waiting to make that spot more sure going up against Sunrise of Lords Bank. Sunrise has struggled in the season, and will not make the playoffs, not because they didn’t field a good team; it just was not their time. They had played some very good games, and had made their fans and supporters proud.

Sunrise won the toss, and gave the home team the privilege to go bat first. Although they tried hard to take out Wicked 11 for a small score, with Zaghi at his best, taking 4 wickets, Leonel Robinson and Kendis Moody, who scored 30 and 26, respectively, pushed the score to 171 at the fall of the last wicket. When it was time for Sunrise to go even or beat the score, it just couldn’t happen, for Edison Robinson was right on target, taking 3 wickets and keeping the batting side to 97. As I said, Wicked 11 is in the playoff; but I cannot say what position at this time, as other teams have officially secured a positive place (i.e. 2nd or 3rd).

Now let’s look at the game in Double Head, home of Excellence Cricket Club. They have lost one game, going against Easy Does It of Lemonal, the champs of three consecutive seasons – 2014, ’15 and ’16. They have lost two games so far, one to Summer Fever and one to this team, Excellence. Excellence, I must mention, is the sub-champ of last season’s competition; so we know that they are “nothing to play with.” This game should decide if Excellence will hold on to first, or lose and tie with the opponent.

The home team took to bat first. Yes, they put in all their tricks. But you’re playing against the champ. At the fall of the last wicket, all that they were able to put on the scoreboard, under the brilliant left-handed and stylish bowling of Orlando Banner, was 104. Vernon Stephenson scored 39. None of Excellence heavy guns did a good show.

The champs went to bat after a lunch break. As hard as Marlon “Camala” Nicholas tried by taking 3 wickets, the good and steady batting of Easy Does It prevailed; and, with the strong batting of Herbert Banner, who top scored with 32, added to the rest, at the fall of 7 wickets, the home team lost, and are now tied for first. That will be broken on Saturday in Bermudian Landing. Best of luck to you guys!

The most exciting game of the weekend was on Sunday, when Western Eagles met Summer Fever in Landing. If Summer Fever loses, that would put the Eagles in the playoff spot. Eagles have lost 3 games, and Summer Fever, 4.  Both veterans of these teams, Dirk. Sutherland of Western Eagles and Conway Young of Summer Fever, are experienced cricketers, and both of them take the sport very seriously. So, it’s a do-or-die game. Summer Fever had lost one of their games to the Eagles.

Eagles took to bat first. I must mention that the game started late, due to the pitch that was a bit wet earlier. At the fall of 4 wickets, the score was at 44; not a bad average. Something must have gone wrong, because at the fall of the last wicket, only 102 was scored. Rudolph Ferguson scored 26, while George Hinds took 5 of Eagles’ stumps. Summer went to bat; and at the fall of 5 wickets, Eagles’ score was beaten. Conway Young scored 46, while Dirk took 3 wickets.

That game now puts both teams in a stay or go-fish situation, because they are now tied for third place. The tie-breaker will be played at Lords Bank this Saturday. I wish the best for both teams. Play your best, guys, and concentrate on your game. Show professional sportsmanship.

To my opinion, there will be THUNDER AND LIGHTNING ON LORDS BANK FIELD. Come out and enjoy, while cheering on your team! Also, respect each other to the end.

Bye bye, till next publication. Nuff respect.

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