Sports — 16 May 2014 — by Peter Young

My deepest sympathy to the Hyde Family on the tragic loss of their loved one, Evan Garnett, Jr. May you find comfort in God’s grace.

These are the results of the games played over the weekend:

On Saturday, May 10, at Isabella Bank, Isabella Uprising was all out for 126 runs; but that score was not enough, as Sunrise racked up 127 runs with 3 wickets to spare for the victory. For Uprising, John Madrid scored 28 runs, and Norman Pook and Dwayne Hendy took 2 wickets each; while for Sunrise, Percival Joseph scored 27, and Edison Parks took 4 wickets.

Meanwhile, at Lords Bank, Brilliant’s score of 137 runs was enough to defeat Medicos, who were 39 all out. For Brilliant, Calbert Reynolds scored 46 runs, and Andrew Banner took 6 wickets; while Barath scored 7 for Medicos and Ashwin took 6 wickets. At St. Paul’s Bank, it was Bright Star, 75-69, over Excelsior; and at Rancho Dolores, Western Eagles defeated Police. No other results were sent it.

Then on Sunday at Burrell Boom, Brilliant was all out for 47 runs, while Sunrise made 48 runs with 6 wickets to spare. For Brilliant, Rodwell Conorque scored 8 runs; while for Sunrise, Kevie Ozzie Flowers took 5 wickets. And at Lemonal, Western Eagles’ 67 runs was surpassed by Easy Does It, who scored 68 runs with wickets to spare. Warren Anthony scored 30 runs for the winners.

The following games are set for this weekend: Excelsior vs Easy Does It at St. Paul’s Bank; Brave 11 vs Western Eagles at Double Head Cabbage; Bright Star vs Police at Belmopan; Brave Union vs Isabella Uprising at Burrell Boom; Berlan vs Sunrise at Bermudian Landing; and Brilliant vs Wicked 11 at Flowers Bank.

I once again appeal to team captains and/or umpires to please get in the scores to me by Monday after games. My number is 631-9455.

Best of luck to all!!!

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