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Crique Sarco resident writes about terrible road condition in the village

LettersCrique Sarco resident writes about terrible road condition in the village

Dear Editor,

Please publish in your newspaper this letter about our road condition in Crique Sarco. Crique Sarco is one of the most remote villages in Toledo.

For the past month or so, the Crique Sarco road has been in a terrible condition. Concerned citizens have made it public before, via Love FM, calling on the relevant authorities to address the situation, but it seems that no one in authority has the intention to address the problem.
The Public Works Department was here a couple weeks ago, but instead of filling the huge holes with rocks, they simply scraped off the mud, leaving no rocks on the road, which, in just a couple of days, goes back to even worse condition.

The condition of this road is very inconvenient for the community of Crique Sarco, especially the students who are attending Corazon Creek High School. The students are missing a lot of classes because the school bus operator makes no attempt to take them to school due to the road condition. Today is the second day in this week that students are not going to school.

We are kindly asking the government, especially the Ministry of Works, to please address our problem.


Javier Coy

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