Letters — 29 October 2013 — by Russell Czarnecki

Dear Editor,

In Zelda Hill’s letter to the editor dated October 25, she makes a mistake common among Belizeans when – while referring to sexual predators – she incorrectly attributes this reprehensible crime to “depraved tourists.”

During the seven years I’ve lived in Belize, I can recall very few cases (still too many, of course) of non Belizeans involved in this type of activity, while hardly a week goes by without some local being arrested and charged with a crime against a minor.

It’s always easy to blame someone else for the things we find unpleasant about ourselves, whether it’s crimes against children or spouses, or crimes against the nation committed by crooked politicians.

Wishful thinking can never carry the day and we deny the truth at our peril. We should be grateful to the Amandala for their investigative reporting. All the best in the struggle for TRUTH.

Russell Czarnecki

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