Letters — 07 September 2016
Dangriga youth complains

Editor Amandala


Today I am here wondering as a youth of Dangriga, amazed daily by the neglect that the town faces from both government and non-government entities. While the country is focusing on the corruption and lack of civility displayed by our government leaders, Dangriga is still neglected and the youth of the community are still suffering. Unemployment is on the rise and the town’s social and cultural integrity is falling apart.

The main reason I am writing to this newspaper though is that the town continues to receive the least. While Belize City has multiple state-of-the-art youth facilities, the other Districts have questionable facilities. Dangriga is no different. We might be the worst. We had a small Mennonite wooden structure that housed the Department of Youth Service that became infested by wood lice and was falling apart over the past five years.

The Stann Creek District has now received for its new permanent facility, a “structure” that is two metal containers welded together; in our tropical climate. Keep in mind the new space is the official government youth space for the entire Stann Creek District. All decisions for youth development and youth development activities will now be limited to two metal containers. What a shame! I don’t know what they wish to achieve out of this facility.

Through this medium I would like to call the task the recently elected Stann Creek Youth Council, the Department of Youth Services Stann Creek Representative, Belize National Youth Council and all other youth organization to speak up on behalf of Dangriga and our entire District. We all must speak up to stop this neglect from becoming even worse.


Concerned resident of Dangriga

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