Editorial — 15 February 2013

Belizeans in the Diaspora have been controlled by the two major political parties all these decades since the nationalist uprising in 1950. That is the way it used to be in The Jewel itself, but that ain’t the way it is here any more. In Belize, we have several “third” parties, multiple activist organizations, and a powerful, sophisticated media. We laugh at the petty histrionics of PUDP politicians in Belize today. Out there in the Diaspora, some of you are living in the past. The Jewel is different from British Honduras.

At the same time, Diaspora Belize has this macro potential power where The Jewel’s future is concerned. There is a need for a data base to be compiled on Diaspora Belize, so that Diaspora Belize can be organized and mobilized. The problem was always how to deal with those of our people abroad who are not documented. But, the bigger problem was always the PUDP politics: the major party politicians have put their party ahead of their country time and time again. Today in The Jewel, we are bigger than that.

There were some rights Diaspora Belizeans were seeking a few years ago, but like most things, the issue got caught up in party politics. The UDP were supporting, and the PUP were opposing. The matter of respect and rights for Diaspora Belizeans never got past the quarrel stage. This matter needs to have another and serious airing.

There was a time when most Belizeans abroad were anti-PUP. We don’t think that is the case any more, but don’t take our word for it. Organize the research so that we can find out some basic information about Diaspora Belize.

The one thing we would state categorically is this: for sure we back home know the “levels” you had to reach in order to survive and succeed in America. We are very proud of you. The relationship between us here and you there, is very tight in the personal and family spheres. It is when we start thinking of this macro potential power which the organized Diaspora Belize represents, that the party politicians make it red and blue, instead of red, white, and blue. We’re talking nation talk, Jack.

Power to Belize. Power to Diaspora Belize. Power to the Belizean people.

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