Headline — 13 August 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
Decayed body of Elias Ku, 32, found in Trial Farm river

The decayed body of Elias Ku, 32, of Orange Walk Town, was recovered from the New River in Trial Farm village about 10:00 Saturday morning, eight days after he was reported missing.

When he was recovered by searchers, not only was Ku’s body in an advanced state of decomposition, but both arms and his left leg were missing. Ku’s face and intestines were also missing, and it is believed that crocodiles may have fed on the body.

An autopsy was conducted onsite, but the cause of death was inconclusive due to the advanced state of decomposition of the body. Immediately after the autopsy, Ku was taken to the Orange Walk Cemetery, where he was buried at about 3:30 that same Saturday evening.

Eloy Ku, 56, a taxi driver of Orange Walk, told Amandala that about 10:00 Saturday morning, August 3, his son, Elias, left home and went to an area near the Independence Plaza, in Orange Walk, where he socialized with friends and swam in the river.

His friends reported that they later left the area, but Ku stayed behind.

The elder Ku said that he was not worried because his son liked to drink and would not come home until after a day or two.

On Tuesday night, however, Ku went to police and made a missing person report.

At about 10:00 Wednesday morning, August 7, police found his clothes and tennis shoes on the bank of the New River. Extensive searches were carried out in the river, but Ku was not found.

Eloy Ku said that they extended their searches up to Trial Farm., which is a long way from where his son was swimming, and on Saturday, Elias was found by the searchers.

The grieving father said that the funeral was attended by many friends, family and relatives.

Police said that the two men who were drinking with Ku were detained and questioned, but released.

The cause of Elias Ku’s death is still unknown.

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