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Discourses with no substance of objectivity

The leaders of Belize entertain the people with a whole lot of discourses that appear to have profound meaning, but in which there is no substance or objectivity, since, up to now we can listen often to the word alleviate instead of eradicate when the situation of poverty and unemployment is mentioned.

Here is where we can see the same low level of seriousness that is manifested in the national anthem and flag. Belize, as a member of the United Nations, is a democratic country that purportedly practices liberty, and freedom and opposes discrimination against women. Yet, there is a lack of a rational explanation from the corresponding authorities in connection with the two men portrayed in the emblem of the national flag. It has become part of the dead words syndrome like that of the 1981 preamble to the Constitution of Belize.

In 1819, when slaves had no rights, the masters of the time decided to create emblem with two black men in it. In this 21st century, the descendants of slaves should not be as ignorant as their ancestors of those days. We need to look at the fact that ignorance was imposed by the whip and the sword, which made the slaves accept their state of being – a state in which women, children and men had no type of rights.

Setting up such an apparent acknowledgement of African laborers without putting such recognition of their rights into practice was just an effort to discourage slaves from fleeing over to the Spanish- speaking countries where they got freedom from the moment they arrived. The reason for slaves to be fleeing away from the settlement of the Bay of Honduras, I think by now is supposed to be well known, but permit me to refresh you minds:

They were going through harsh treatment which made them risk the dangers of the forest and mountains rather than keep on receiving such inhumane, brutal behavior against them. On the other hand, those who stayed and adapted themselves to the system felt very proud of saying that their masters had set two black men on an emblem – as if they were willingly there as their supporters.

With the passing of time, the settlement became a nation, and the two black men were taken off and replaced with a Mulatto and a Mestizo for nation-building. Belizeans are accustomed to seeing such figures from the time of slavery until now and see no negative impression in it, but when we travel to other countries which are more developed or developing, there are persons of critical minds who can easily see that it is impossible to build a nation with two men. It is also discriminatory to all females, since, from the existence of human beings we’ve needed a male and a female. Two men or two women cannot give birth to any kind of specie, much less human beings.

There could be the probability that the modern minds of 1981 thought that by the beginning of the 21st century science would have been so advanced that it could have been able to implant a female body into a male and vice versa. Mind you, we have recently seen all kinds of crazy minds that have spent big money so that small countries like Belize with greedy leaders would say yes to anything.

As you may know, our dear readers, since it has been widely published, some of these matters have been taken to the highest courts of the nation, the Caribbean Court of Justice and the United Nations Human Rights, backed up by the wealthiest people of the world; meanwhile, we have children crying because of hunger, illness and lack of medication.

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December 2, 2016
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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