Headline — 29 May 2015 — by Albert J. Ciego
Dismembered bodies spread horror!

ROARING CREEK, Cayo District, Thurs. May 28, 2015–Roaring Creek is again the scene of another horrific murder, eerily similar in horrible brutality to another murder that took place just a day before. Another resident of the village was savagely murdered and decapitated, his limbs chopped off, internal parts taken out, and the head, limbs and intestines placed in a shallow grave along with the torso.

The body of Steve Hyde, 51, of Roaring Creek, a farm hand and caretaker for businessman Russell Hyde of Camalote, also in the Cayo District, was discovered at about 11:30 yesterday morning, Wednesday, at Russell Hyde’s ranch in Camalote.

Hyde, a cousin of Russell Hyde, was found in a shallow grave on the property. His head had been cut off, his arms had been sawed off from the shoulders, his legs below the hips had been sawed off, he had been gutted, and a relative who saw the body said that his torso had cuts on it. The body was in a state of decomposition, and worms were seen on the body.

Hyde’s relative said that the head, intestines and limbs were found with the torso.

An onsite post-mortem exam was conducted yesterday evening on the remains, and during that exam a slug was found in the head of Hyde, after which, at about 10:00 last night, the body was taken to the Roaring Creek Cemetery, where it was buried.

Hyde’s murder was as chilling as that of Edelberto Madrid, 28, a tattoo artist of the Another World area of Roaring Creek whose torso was found at about 11:00 Tuesday morning floating in a plastic bag in the Belize River, about 200 yards from the Agripino Cawich Bridge in the Young Bank area of Camalote, about 20 feet from the water’s edge.

Madrid, a close associate of Russell Hyde, was found with his head missing. Both legs had been cut off below the knees, his arms had also been cut off, below the elbows, and he had been disemboweled; his internal organs were missing and his private parts had been cut off.

Steve Hyde’s distraught mother, Viola Spence, told Amandala and other reporters that on Monday, Steve went to the family’s house, where he spent time with them, and announced that he was leaving his post as an employee of Russell Hyde, his cousin, because he had gotten another job, as a caretaker for a ranch for a man in the south, and that he was going to tell Russell that he was leaving.

Spence said that she gave him food and a hammock, and that Monday evening, he left and went back to Russell Hyde’s ranch to collect his belongings and to give notice of his resignation.

However, on Tuesday, she and the family were told that Steve was missing, and a missing person report was made by his employer, Russell Hyde, that morning.

Police began a search for Steve Hyde shortly after, and he was found on Wednesday in a shallow grave on the ranch where he worked.

The family member surmised that Steve must have seen something which marked him for death, but why such a gruesome death, just one day after the decapitated and dismembered torso of his friend, Edelberto Madrid, was found floating in the river on Tuesday, is a question that lingers.

The family said that Steve Hyde and Edelberto Madrid were friends, and both men were friends of Russell Hyde, and they both suffered eerily similar deaths. The family is at a loss as for the reason for such barbarity in their murders.

Police confirmed to Amandala tonight that a close relative of Steve Hyde has been detained pending investigation into his murder.

Ten days ago, on Sunday, May 17, Russell Hyde’s common-law wife, Rosalie Galvez, 33, was murdered in front of him in his vehicle, in which they and other family members were travelling, near Guanacaste Park near Roaring Creek. A gunman came out of the bushes near the park and fired a number of shots at the vehicle, killing Galvez. No one else was seriously injured.

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