General — 18 November 2015 — by Evan X Hyde
Dolores won Hattieville by 155, lost Ladyville by 253

In my column last week, I wrote that our sources had said that it was the Hattieville boxes which sank Dolores. This was not so. Dolores won Hattieville, but she lost Ladyville by too large a margin. Below is a breakdown of the village boxes in Belize Rural Central for the November 4 general election.

Ladyville – Bev 1783, Dolores 1530
Hattieville – Dolores 672, Bev 517
La Democracia – Dolores 227, Bev 197
Gales Point – Dolores 73, Bev 61

Another very interesting constituency was Stann Creek West. On election night, the early word was that the UDP’s Walter Garbutt, a newcomer but a popular teacher, had won Stann Creek West. Our sources say that Mr. Garbutt had actually left the counting room to begin celebrating, and that the PUP incumbent, Rodwell Ferguson, had also departed from the room, in effect conceding. But, there was a bombshell foul up in which the Georgetown boxes had not been counted and recorded. The Georgetown boxes then put Rodwell over the top by 8 votes, the narrowest margin of victory in the 31 divisions. Below is a breakdown of the village boxes in Stann Creek West.

Independence – Garbutt 949, Ferguson 664
Georgetown – Ferguson 804, Garbutt 584
Pomona – Ferguson 375, Garbutt 243
Placencia – Garbutt 310, Ferguson 59
Hopkins – Ferguson 278, Garbutt 248
Alta Vista – Ferguson 217, Garbutt 187
Middlesex – Garbutt 193, Ferguson 184
Sittee River – Garbutt 220, Ferguson 176
Silk Grass – Ferguson 217, Garbutt 118
Seine Bight – Ferguson 163, Garbutt 80
Santa Cruz – Ferguson 143, Garbutt 142
Mullins River – Ferguson 20, Garbutt 18

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